ATP Media with KAren SwainThis year on ATP Media, KAren has spoken with some  of the most inspiring spiritual teachers, authors, changemakers, difference makers and disrupters. From Angels, Tragedy, Aliens, NDE’s to Channeling Cosmic Awareness, we have been around the cosmos exploring the fundamental insights to life, spirituality and our connection to source. Empowering our knowing we are never alone as we are always connected and guided by our universal family of Love and Light. Have a listen to some of the shows from ATP Media this year with KAren Swain.

Will Berlinghof: Channels Cosmic Awareness a Twelfth Dimensional Collective

Lauren Kurth: StarSeed UFO & ET Experiencer, First Earther.

Maree Batchelor:  Tragic death of her son brings Awakening to our multidimensional reality

Krista Gorman: NDE I died and learned how to live.

Guardian Angel Everyone has one: Lorna Byrne: Angels in My Hair 

Scarlett Lewis: I choose LOVE: Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation changing the world one Loving thought at a time.

Sherry Wilde: The Forgotten Promise; Rejoining our Cosmic Family

ATP Media with KAren Swain

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KAren's life purpose is to activate and support the Difference Makers. People who know they’re here to make a Difference. "I’m passionate about helping people who are passionate about helping people, our world and all who abide here." Spiritual Channel, Mentor/Guide, Radio Host, Author, Inspirational Speaker and Difference Maker, KAren enlightens you about your powers of manifestation, your thoughts and beliefs and how to live in alignment with your emotional guidance system. Showing you how Law of Attraction is shaping your life.