This week’s Chi Time features Rob Greenfield who has dedicated his life to highlighting the plight of the planet and offers radical, sometimes startling, solutions for adopting a more environmentally aware lifestyle.

“I can’t rationalize having so much while so many others have so little. That is why I have chosen to live a simple life. The rewards for putting others over self have been great though and I’ve found that the more simply I live the more free I live. The more I dedicate myself to the service of others and Earth the more I am filled with passion and purpose.

For everything that I have given up I have had a 10 fold return of true happiness which is worth far more than any possession or convenience.

Happiness, health and freedom to all people and animals on Earth!”

I met up with him after his talk in Totnes for The Zero Waste Shop (  which was attended by 80+ people across all generations and was a massive inspiration for everyone there, particularly the teenagers.

In this interview, he reveals part of his journey from party lad to dude making a difference and shares tales from; the Food Waste Fiasco, travelling across South America for the Discovery channel, Tiny Home living and how to offset air flights to rationalise the environmental impact of such behaviour.

Passionate and driven by his love of extreme adventure, Rob has turned his talents to raising global environmental awareness and humanitarian projects. He likes to create visuals for behind the scenes harsh realities, his most recent escapade was Trash Me, where he wore all the packaging from his food consumed in the US for a month.

Take a listen to the show here:

Overall, Rob advocates a simpler way to live that offers more natural happiness including how to manage transitional ethics and be aware of our hypocrisies as part of this transitioning world.

Rob is currently on a European Tour, catch up with him on

Rob Greenfield

Clara Apollo is a Qigong and Meditation teacher and Conscious Living Events organiser based in the New Forest UK who travels around the South Coast and various other countries in Europe sharing and learning from all the meet ups that occur. Many of these conversations are recorded for you on Chi Time. 'There's such a diverse range of inspiring new consciousness leaders who have found insightful and accessible ways to help us see and experience how we can evolve way passed any 3D expectations. When we 'do' this 'work' both individually and together the truly soulful revolution can occur.”