A double bonus this week with two great shows from Clara Apollo….

Rebecca Campbell

This weeks Chi Time has Clara Apollo talking with deeply luminary author and Divine Feminine dance-chant-mistress Rebecca Campbell – with the Rising Sisterhood vibe.

“The Mystics and Priestesses know that their only job is to ensure that their own heart beats with the heartbeat of the planet”

Rebecca Campbell is a top draw Hay House author, spiritual mentor and global workshop facilitator, here to share with us how the ‘Rise Sister Rise’ chi has developed since the launch of her book of the same name this time last year, Sept 2016.

Hot topics discussed are;
Combined roles of men and women
The chi of mothering
Coming out of the spiritual closet
Distraction of helping others rather than self-care
Power of sisterhood support
Strive v. thrive
Surrender to what already is
Recognise the ‘season’ you are in and so much more..

Rebecca’s thoughts on the passing of Louise Hay completes this inspired conversation.

Describing a Rise Sister Rise workshop, there are a variety of possible areas to work and play with, including;

A re-threading of the feminine line back through ancestors
Dance – being moved by an energy other than your mind
Partner exercises

Book onto Rebecca’s New Forest event on 22 October here

For more information on Rebecca’s other events, books and online courses see

Clara Apollo’s Chi Time with Rebecca Campbell

Watch the Rebecca Campbell video interview…

Ya’Acov Darling Khan

Ya’Acov is an ‘Everyday Shaman’, Hay House author, teacher and truth seeker who, along with his wife Susannah, has created a school of Contemporary shamanism The School of Movement Medicine’ to enable these potent transformational methods to be shared around our beautiful world.

His second book ‘Jaguar in the Mind, Butterfly in the Heart is a Hay House bestselling tome, which had me engaged with all the way through, as his own story unfolded of being invited into the dance with Gabrielle Roth and then other teacher/shaman including his discovery of a chilling past life that he eventually got to heal, along with many other people involved.

There is a gently potent directness to speaking with him, he has a broad wealth of wisdom, which when shared, helps us to uncover our own. A natural story teller, here Ya’Acov shares his shamanic tales of how;

– constant distraction arrests the attention in the Now moment
– we can live sustainably and creatively 
– separation causes so many dis-eases
-‘ intereception’ brings the body & mind awareness together
– we can bring dreams into reality 
– we embracing vulnerability within power
– we can reclaim our true relationship with Mother Earth

And loads more..

He takes us on a 5 minute journey, towards the end of the interview, to connect with each other in the now we share which is just beautiful.

We play out with a 10 minute invocation to the Air element, from the Movement Medicine CD volume 1. Breath, move and feel the power of the wind.

Clara Apollo’s Chi Time with Ya’Acov

Watch the Ya’Acov video interview…



Clara Apollo is a Qigong and Meditation teacher and Conscious Living Events organiser based in the New Forest UK who travels around the South Coast and various other countries in Europe sharing and learning from all the meet ups that occur. Many of these conversations are recorded for you on Chi Time. 'There's such a diverse range of inspiring new consciousness leaders who have found insightful and accessible ways to help us see and experience how we can evolve way passed any 3D expectations. When we 'do' this 'work' both individually and together the truly soulful revolution can occur.”