Join Clara Apollo as she chats with Illumina, Lila & Anaam – two divinely inspired singers from the UK who hold a beautifully creative space of healing and celebration. They use sublime vocal harmonies and melodies of Sacred Sounds and Mantras from all around the world to reconnect to the still, silent presence of our Divine, true nature.

Renowned for their powerful live concerts, they have had the honour of presenting their unique music at such prestigious venues as the Royal Academy of Arts & The Indian High Commission affiliated Nehru Centre & Alternatives UK – Saint James Church, Piccadilly, London.

Take a listen to the story of how they met and how sacred music is a cornerstone to their lives. Also included in the interview are 2 full tracks for you to enjoy.

About Illumina

Lila is a qualified Kundalini Yoga Instructor from the International school of Kundalini Yoga. She teaches this unique and powerful form of Yoga, including chanting, in London.

Her clear, beautiful vocals infused with devotion have been described as ‘the voice of angels’ that will inspire your heartstrings and open your soul.

Anaam has been a professional singer, singing teacher and voice coach for over 15 yrs.
Being raised in India, Anaam has a very detailed and in-depth grasp of the tradition of Sacred Chant and Mantras & his powerful yet compelling voice is infused with the magic of India.

Illumina are appearing for Conscious Living Events on ‘Sacred Sunday’ October 22 in Burley, New Forest. UK from 7.15-9.15pm.

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Clara Apollo’s Chi Time with Illumina

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Information about Illumina’s October Retreat

Clara Apollo is a Qigong and Meditation teacher and Conscious Living Events organiser based in the New Forest UK who travels around the South Coast and various other countries in Europe sharing and learning from all the meet ups that occur. Many of these conversations are recorded for you on Chi Time. 'There's such a diverse range of inspiring new consciousness leaders who have found insightful and accessible ways to help us see and experience how we can evolve way passed any 3D expectations. When we 'do' this 'work' both individually and together the truly soulful revolution can occur.”