This week, I chat with Tigmonk (Tiger Singleton) on Chi Time.

Tigmonk, is the pen-name of Tiger Singleton, who is an Author, Speaker, Poet, and considered by others to be a modern-day mystic – Someone in intimate communication with the source of Life. He works with groups and individuals on the subject of Self Inquiry, Self Embodiment, and Joyfully Living a Life that reflects the Heart’s deepest Resonance .

His primary intention is to engage the open hearted in a way that empowers them to see their inherent worth, beauty, and conscious ability to create a joyful life.

I connected in with him from my New Forest UK pad to his Southern Thailand retreat space and gently guides the conversation into a deep dive space of unknown territory, where Tiger shares some of his recent personal process, and in a tender honest way admits to not having got it all sorted. 

Sound familiar? 

Show me someone who has got it all sorted! 

The way-showing change-makers have stuff they are dealing with too and here is one willing to include some of his personal observations, which in turn makes it safer for you to consider yours. 

This is so refreshing. 

He is so deeply sincere and light that you access your truth with an ease and grace as you listen to him revealing with a ready smile and chuckle that reflects your way with a depth of brightness, known only to those who dive deeply too.

Freedom to let yourself be fully happy and freedom to let yourself be fully sad and the gamut of emotions in between. Freedom to Be. Oh yes – definitely work in progress, aren’t we all? 

We are all human and dealing with the same issues, he is no guru, we are our own. Always on a level with whom ever he shares with, this in itself is a healing gift for the participants of any of his workshops and retreats.

“The greatest gift you can receive is to discover what you truly are. The greatest gift you can share is the Love discovered within” TigMonk

Check out his ‘silent video’ that went viral 

TigMonk in Bournemouth UK 12th July 2017

Tiger’s July UK tour facebook page

TigMonk website

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Clara Apollo is a Qigong and Meditation teacher and Conscious Living Events organiser based in the New Forest UK who travels around the South Coast and various other countries in Europe sharing and learning from all the meet ups that occur. Many of these conversations are recorded for you on Chi Time. 'There's such a diverse range of inspiring new consciousness leaders who have found insightful and accessible ways to help us see and experience how we can evolve way passed any 3D expectations. When we 'do' this 'work' both individually and together the truly soulful revolution can occur.”