a3508474672_10Avasa and Matthew Love chat with Insider Edition’s Tori Rose about finding “the road” to their guiding inner light.

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriters Avasa & Matthew Love are doing their part to bring devotional music into the mainstream. They have performed at sacred music festivals such as Bhakti Fest and have shared the stage with numerous artists, including American pop icon and Grammy-award winning artist Jason Mraz; Australian ARIA-winning singer-songwriter Ben Lee; U.S. hip hop artist MC Yogi; as well as American bands such as The Makepeace Brothers, Raining Jane, and Luc and The Lovingtons.       

As husband and wife, Avasa and Matthew Love share a deep commitment to serve God and humanity through their creative gifts, cultivating inner peace through music that uplifts the heart and restores the spirit. Their strong, evocative voices blend compellingly on both of their albums, Love is King Love is Queen and their new release, The Road (White Swan Records). Their sound is a relaxed, tuneful blend of world, pop and their own unique “devotional soul” music. And their music is earning accolades from celebrities in the US and beyond.

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Jason Mraz gave Avasa and Matthew Love’s new album, The Road, a shout-out on Twitter a few months ago, saying, “Our friends @avasamatty released another mindexpandingheartopeningCD. (sic) These lovebirds make the world a brighter place.” Mraz also invited them to record The Road in his own recording studio, and he makes a guest appearance on the album. (For more information, read the Q&A below).

When the Loves asked Mraz to write an endorsement for their new album, he wrote, “Avasa & Matthew Love’s music grounds me when I’m walking through an airport and uplifts me when I’m weeding in the garden. Like they did on their first album, Love is King Love is Queen, the Loves continue to dive deep into the more meaningful inquiries and expressions of life with The Road.”

American writer, director, and actor Josh Radnor (best known for his role as Ted on How I Met Your Mother) is also a fan of Avasa & Matthew Love’s music. He writes, “Avasa & Matthew Love have a song on their new album, The Road, called “Remember Who You Are.” It sounds, at first, to be a fairly simple sentiment. But when stacked up against most music nowadays—music which seems engineered to make us forget who we are, to keep us distracted and asleep, deepening our attachment to illusion and the worship of that which is false—it’s revolutionary.

“Avasa & Matthew Love’s music helps me remember who I am, what is important, and to whom the true “Thanks & Praises” (to quote one of their song titles) are to be directed,” he continues. “They are dear friends and extraordinary artists. I am beyond grateful to have them, their music, and their words in my life.”

ARIA-winning singer-songwriter Ben Lee loves the duo’s music so much, he took them on tour with him. He writes, “Avasa & Matthew Love’s music reminds us that melody and truth, in their purest form, should be in complete alignment. Their new album, The Road, is music for spiritual warriors…songs to hum along to as we walk the difficult road towards our personal, intimate truth. I love this album.”

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q&a with avasa & matthew love

Avasa & Matthew Love say that they approached The Road with a clear goal: to create music that nourishes the soul and inspires each listener to find “the road” to their guiding inner light. The Road travels through varied etheric atmospheres, with celebratory melodic chants, distinct devotional ballads, Sanskrit mantra, and lullabies of light. Here, Avasa & Matthew answer some questions about their new album.

Insider Edition: You have some incredible musicians playing on The Road. Can you talk about a few of them?

Avasa Love: We recorded The Road at our dear friend Jason Mraz’s house. He was one of our terrestrial angels. Jason and members from the band Raining Jane, who were on tour with Jason, jumped in on a song called “Work.” They do the shouts “Work!” and “Love!” on that track.

Benjy Wertheimer did some incredible soloing on tablas and the esraj. Two of the highlights of this album are his solos through “Mama Come Save My Soul” and the last track, “Love.Light.Wisdom.”

Our friend Nicholas Giacomini, a.k.a. MC Yogi, co-wrote the song “Thanks and Praises” with Matthew. Todd Boston, who has toured with Snatam Kaur, played the flute. And Gabriel Harris, who is Joan Baez’s son, played percussion.

Insider: How many songs feature a mantra?

Matthew Love: Two. “Remember Who You Are” and “Mama Come Save My Soul.”

Insider: Can you talk about a few specific songs on The Road, and what inspired them?

Matthew Love: I was reading the Bhagavad Gita when we were working on the album, and the song “Victory” is inspired by that book. The song is about how Spirit is always with us—our Being, our Divine Mother, our Divine Father, God, or whatever you want to call It for yourself—is always with us. Always knocking on our door, asking for us to let It in. And It’s there to guide us. It is our strength.

Avasa Love: The song “Mama Come Save My Soul” came from a direct experience [I had] with the Divine Mother. The song is about how she’s here, in every moment and every breath. The song is in supplication to Her. It’s a really authentic, intimate prayer to her. She’s my refuge in moments of internal chaos. She is the guiding light.

Insider: Can you tell us about your spiritual practice(s)?

Matthew Love: We practiced yoga for years before knowing the depths that we’ve learned most recently.

Avasa Love: For us, we’ve been more radically transformed while studying with our teacher Juan Ruiz Naupari, [the founder of a system of self-knowledge called the Pneuma System]. Through our spiritual studies we have been inspired to write music about loving God and about the Hero’s journey, or the path of awakening and self-knowledge. We’re inspired to write music for Divinity, for the Eternal, for our fellow humanity, rather than writing music that’s just for fashion and ego-centric.

A lot of music these days is about lust or vanity or greed. We’ve had spiritual experiences at this point in our lives that have compelled us to play music for God as Love. And this is essentially our purpose for being here. It’s why we’ve been given these gifts—to pay homage to the One that has granted us a voice in the first place.

Matthew Love: We’re just doing our best to speak a virtuous sentiment from our hearts.