We have recently revived an old show from a few years back called The Beat Generation and it is so exciting going through classic tracks as we weave our way through the years of conscious music.

The Beat Generation is a year by year in-depth look at the rise of conscious music inspired in part by a group of writers from the 50’s who influenced musicians from the 60’s until today, simply known as The Beat Generation.

The Beat Generation also inspired our title intro created by The Almighty Sion, a duo in England that share an interest of the history of The Beat Generation and all it inspired. The music can be purchased from orginalcultures.org, a non-profit creative collective.

The episodes below are part of a 10 week series featuring conscious music in history that impacted our lives.

Episode 1 looks at the Protest Songs of the 60’s and how it all started with a group of writers from the 50’s that called themselves The Beat Generation.

Episode 2 looks at the Age of Aquarius with some of the best tracks that found their way to the surface after the protest years subsided.

The series includes:

Episode 3 – Into The Mystic
Episode 4 – 70’s Conscious Prog Rock
Episode 5 – The Rise of Motown Music
Episode 6 – 80’s and the Decade of Social Causes

Check out the first two episodes below:

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