On this week’s Soul Traveller Radio Show, we have a huge hour of the latest fresh tracks in conscious music from around the globe as we premiere some big releases including Aussie artist Murray Kyle who bears his burning fire soul; Chris Assaad encourages us to pass it around and Kimberly Haynes takes on Grease with a new version of You’re the One That I Want.

Other artists featured on the show include Chloe Chadwick, Jahnavi Harrison, Deltiimo (with George Rigby and Naif) and k.d. Lang.

And on this week’s Soul Traveller Radio Show Extended Podcast we chat with someone who is making a bit of an impact with her own brand of Lullaby Yoga. Johanna Beekman is Kirtan artist whose new album, Beyond Love: Soothing Songs for the Soul ventures deeper into the heart space beyond love.

Inspired by her Lullaby Yoga classes, the album creates a sacred soundscape that’s ideal for gentle yoga, quiet chanting, meditation, deep rest, and massage. Produced by the incredible Ben Leinbach Beyond love features guest appearances by Donna DeLory, Girish, Hans Christian, Lee Mirabal Harrington, Jared May, and Gawain Matthews.

Two hours of conscious music and brand new releases!

Soul Traveller Radio Show – Episode 20

Soul Traveller Radio Show Extended Interview with Johanna Beekman

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