There is something deeply infectious about Chris Assaad. His music, yes; his easy style, yes; but it is more than that. Chris Assaad has a zest for life and it is this that makes you want to hear more about both the man and the music. The life path of Chris Assaad starts out ordinary, established, dare I say “safe”, with the promise of a corporate career in law, and it is at this point the unexpected happens. Chris began to lose his hearing.

It is this point that many come to in life, the change point. The decision. The proverbial fork in the road. The choice point where you know that one path can lead you to a completely different place. Having his hearing restored miraculously, thankfully Chris chose the path that lead towards a career in conscious music and to his second unexpected event. Ending up on stage with Michael Franti.

These events not only shaped Chris Assaad, they also shaped his music and gave him a style that falls into good company. He beautifully mixes the enthusiasm of Michael Franti with the heartfelt lyrics of Trevor Hall then throws in a bit of the rawness we have come to expect from Nahko.

From the opening lines of the first track, ‘This Is It’ from his album I Won’t Die, we know that everything Chris has been through has impacted him and given him reason.

‘Today is a good day, cause I’m alive, and no matter what happens I got a reason to smile.’

The album is a statement of change, but it is also a guidebook on how to maintain change. Covering everything from meditation to love, dancing to loss, Chris expertly draws from the high and lows of his life. There have been many of both however through it all, it is his connection with Spirit and his meditation practice that has provided a solid balance for Chris’s journey.

Chris has said that the theme of his album is alchemy, turning everything life throws at you into gold and it is evident through his lyrics and his conviction that he has experienced true change in his life.

We could forgive him for being overly happy given his hearing miracle (and his connection with Franti) but it is the title track, ‘I Won’t Die’ that really shows his heartfelt desire to make an impact. Yes one day Chris Assaad will die, but there is one thing he is sure of…he won’t die with the music inside him.

On Soul Traveller Radio Show Extended Edition, I chat with Chris Assaad about his brand new album I Won’t Die, find out how Chris got started in music, his connection with Michael Franti and what his music means to him. Take a listen…. and check out Chris’s music at his website here



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