Having just completed a US tour and announcing an Australian/Bali Tour soon, Simrit has been developing her sound that can only be described as surprisingly unique. In a time when conscious music is dominated by the mantra/kirtan scene, it is a refreshing change to hear a sound that successfully blends the Americana influence in with the traditions of the Kundalini sounds.

As a prelude to the announcement of the Australian tour here is special note from Simrit and an insight into the magic of the supreme sound course that she conducts. The video is free to watch.

Hi everyone!

After having just completed a beautiful west coast tour…and having had the pleasure of meeting so many of you in person, I want to share something with you that is very close to my heart.

My life, my love and my practice all revolve around the use of sound. As people of consciousness, we know that our voice, which is a carrier of our sound, is the most powerful tool on the planet.

Yet, so many of us are not using our voice, or we are using it in a very limited capacity. Perhaps we’ve been told we don’t have a “good” voice. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Your voice is precious.

It has the power to awaken the Soul within you.

Check it out: 5 Secrets Of The Supreme Sound

I want you to enjoy your voice, enjoy your own intuition, enjoy your health and enjoy your confidence.  Enjoy who you really are, because sometimes who we think we are and what we truly are is something very different!

This is the real revolution.  The personal revolution. This is the core of where it all starts, then we can begin to create real change on the planet.

So here it is…A video training for you that I’m calling the 5 Secrets of the Supreme Sound. It’s free this week. Just click the link below to get access.

The 5 Secrets of the Supreme Sound


Take a listen to the track, All of Myself from Simrit’s latest album, From the Ancient Storm.

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