cover-300x300On April 7th, 2015, Josh Garrels released his new full-length album entitled Home. Josh said that “While writing these songs I was searching for joy, and this pursuit instinctively brought my attention back to the people and places closest to me. Because of this, these songs have less of an outward, expansive scope, and rather turn the attention inward, to the intimacy of family, forgiveness, and homecoming.”

The album is a slight departure from his usual style, explorer deeper issues of faith and forgiveness in a slightly folkier feel. In addition to being on iTunes and Bandcamp (hitting number 3 position), the album also reached number 1 on Noisetrade. Will Hodge from Noisetrade had a great chat with Josh which you can read here – Noisetrade On on One with Josh Garrels

You can also download the album for free at the moment from Noisetrade. Click here and enjoy the sounds of Josh Garrels – Home.

If you enjoy this album, please consider leaving a tip or making a direct donation to Josh and his family here:

*All tips and donations go to Josh Garrels and will be used toward the creation of new music. Support the artist, support conscious music.

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