In the final weeks of 2014, a group of musicians including JB Eckl and Eric Dozier (Moanin’ Sons), as well as Lonnie Jordan of the legendary funk band WAR, joined forces with Grammy-winning producer KC Porter to record a new composition, ‘I Can’t Breathe,’ in response to racial injustices in the USA, including the recent deaths of people of color at the hands of law enforcement.

JB Eckl said that “The session was magical. I was surrounded by many of my best friends, playing this new song I had written only a few days earlier… everyone believed in what we were there to do and played from the heart. The cherry on top was looking over and seeing Lonnie Jordan, my old boss from the road, playing the Hammond B3 as only he can.  I hope the song starts some conversations and inspires some reflection around this issue. Music has always been a huge part of social change in America; it got us through some rough periods in the past. It can do the same today.”

Oneness is proud to present #AllOfUsAreBlood, a social awareness campaign and ongoing album project for 2015.

Read more about Oneness and I Can’t Breath in this month’s Sage Magazine here

Download your free copy of I Can’t Breath here


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