One thing you can count on with Fantuzzi, no two meetings will be the same, but you are always guaranteed to walk away with a silly grin brought on by Fantuzzi’s infectious zest for life.

Fantuzzi is a man on a mission from God…without Jake and Elroy…just him and his ”Flexibles” band (made up from musicians from wherever he is performing) spreading ease and grace around the world. The beauty about Fantuzzi is his enthusiasm is so catchy that you almost want to learn to play an instrument just to join in.

We caught up with Fantuzzi after Woodford where his admiration for the festival was so high that he felt it was one of the world’s best festivals.

”1400 artists, tens of thousands of guests and at the end there was hardly one bit of rubbish lying around….we are a family, We’ve got to look out for each other and especially our Mother Earth.”

Fantuzzi is no stranger to history-making festivals. He was one of the early pioneers of the Rainbow Spirit Festivals which is now held in over 30 countries and variations in many more.

He is also the poster child of Woodstock…literally. In 1994 Fantuzzi graced the cover of Newsweek dancing on his knees with a young Joan Bryant wearing nothing but a loincloth in a photo originally taken for Life Magazine during the concert.

”It was a life changing experience. There were 100,000 tickets sold and 400,000 extra people showed up at the festival. It was the time of peace and love…a generation waking up and asking the question why?”

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