11061307_10153173741119491_2344790637038438952_oAyla Nereo has made a steady progress from folk into electronica with such ease that it seems such a natural transition and breathes fresh life into the genre that has become known as electrofolk or folktronica depending on who you are talking with. Regardless of what her new style is called, it brings in elements of her past, with her post punk/folk background with sibling Davyd Nereo, her solo folk infused period and her downtempo folk with her partner David Sugalski aka The Polish Ambassador as Wildlight to produce a style that will have you dancing in your own thoughts.

The new album Hollow Bone Remixes is a perfect companion to the her 2012 album Hollow Bone and The Polish Ambassador’s latest release Pushing Through The Pavement. For those new to the Electronic conscious music scene, both Ayla and the Polish ¬†Ambassador are bringing a new breath of life to EDM (electronic dance music) by offering an environmental standpoint and using the music as a platform to get the message across.

Hollow Bone Remixes is our feature album for April and like all of Jumpsuit Records music is available free of charge (or whatever you can afford).

Download Ayla Nereo’s latest album here and keep an ear out for an upcoming Conscious Crew Insider as we chat with Ayla and find out a bit more about her music, her passions and her latest projects.

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