Toto – Orphan

With over 38 years together and thousands of credits and accolades to their names, Toto remains one of the top selling tour and recording acts in the world. March sees the release of Toto XIV and the first since 2006. Saying they just want to be the best version of themselves that they can be, the new album lives up to the desire with some amazing new sounds and some classic Toto music.

One of the few 70s bands that have endured the changing trends and styles, and 35 plus years in to a career enjoy a multi-generational fan base. It is not an exaggeration to estimate that 95% of the world’s population has heard a performance by a member of TOTO.

David Paich┬ásinger and keybordist for Toto since 1977 said “I think Toto has a responsibility when it goes out there…there is so much negativity and darkness but I think you have to be, as Quincy jones puts it, beams of light that blast through the darkness.”

Beaming through the dark topic of loneliness, Toto’s new single is an anthem to the homeless and the orphans proclaiming that you are never alone in the world. Just one of many outstanding tracks on an album that has been over 9 years in the making. A definite album for the die hard Toto fan and those new to their music. The new album is available on iTunes from March 23.

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