640196d06c1a8b23dcb133df661d108d37a2e958At first listen you would be forgiven if you thought you had just stumbled upon the latest album from Kings of Leon. The voice and style is unmistakeable. Well so you would think. This is NEEDTOBREATHE, christian rock band that writes in a similar vein to Switchfoot, allowing the listener to pull the gems of wisdom from the songs that are needed at times rather than slamming the message down with the subtlety of a freight train.

Their fifth album, Rivers in the Wasteland, released last year is nod to their southern roots and brings in the same elements that made Kings of Leon so popular. It is the new single however that has stirred up our interest in the band. Brother featured veteran American artist and songwriter Gavin DeGraw. The song is anthemic and Bear Rinehart’s sincerity is unmistakable in his vocals, and the bluegrass backing culminates in something sweetly rich.

Check out the album here and take a listen to Brother on the video below.

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