Leigh Ann Phillips


removenegativityartworkThis week we will feature a very special Conscious Crew Insider. Leigh Ann Phillips will be joining us from Hawaii and talking about her brand new album Removing Negativity. It is a very powerful album that we will be taking a listen to and talking with Leigh Ann about how it came about. Leigh Ann is so excited she told us she couldn’t wait to to talk with us about the new album.

“I am very passionate about getting this music out there, because it is designed to do just what the title says, remove negativity. Thomas Barquee, who has recorded all of Snatam Kaur’s albums and Ashana’s, has collaborated with me on this project. We took one of the quartz crystal mandala bowls, and etched the Taoist Protection Symbol for removing negativity, and then built the music around it. It really took us on quite a journey.

The intention was that the amplification of the mandala would be imbued into the music. I think we met our intention on this. It is a pretty powerful recorded journey.”

The show will feature for two weeks, on Friday and Monday nights at 6pm (Aus/UK/US – LA time), so if you need some clearing, tune in.

In the meantime, grab a copy of the album from Leigh Ann Phillip’s website here.

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