Jon-ForemanJon Foreman, the front man of Switchfoot, releases a solo album every few years however this time around he is taking a completely different approach. A series of four EP’s that track a 24 hour period, a day in the life of…called The Wonderlands. Released over a 5 month period, the four eps are Sunlight, Shadows, Darkness & Dawn, a much more reflective approach and sound that the well known rock of Switchfoot.

To celebrate the release Noisetrade have put together a collection of songs, old and new including the first single called Terminal. This is an ep for any conscious music fan and a great insight to the lead singer of one of the most active artists in conscious music.

Grab your copy here.

Our Conscious Music Spotlight is Jon Foreman’s new single “Your Love Is Enough” from the EP Shadows.

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