voices-album-coverJerry Fee produces music that sounds like it could be the soundtrack to any 80’s John Hughes film with a definite synth-pop sound that defined the 80’s generation but his music goes a lot deeper than just reliving an era of bubble gum, crimped hair and leg-warmers. Jerry fee is part of a new breed of conscious music artist that is taking a message of hope to a generation that is looking for inspiration.

Jerry’s latest album, We Are The Voices, showcases his passion to provide a writing style that inspires the listener to ask the important questions in life. The latest single from the album is Forever, reminding us that long after we are gone our legacy will live on.

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As program manager and host of Soul Traveller Radio, Shayne's intention is to bring about change through his love of independent and conscious music. With a background in IT and media marketing, Shayne also runs ST Media - Positively Digital - http://stmedia.me - which helps artists and companies with media and marketing.