david-newman-love-is-awakeDavid Newman’s new album Love is Awake is out this week and we are please to be featuring his first single Awakened as a Conscious Music Spotlight. David recently spoke with One the Magazine about his book The Timebound Traveler which served as a perfect prelude to his latest album.

“Sacred chant artist David Newman (Durga Das) has a unique story of awakening.  In this heartfelt personal account, the path of bhakti, or devotion to the Divine in form, and the way of direct self-inquiry into one’s true nature as not separate from the Divine, collide in a dramatic integration of these two seemingly disparate yet mutually dependent paths.

My search for truth began when I was six years old with my very first reflective moment.  I looked down at my body and wondered, Where do I come from?  Who am I?  It struck me as somehow both important and mysterious.

The first real introduction into an inner life was a few years later when my parents took my brother and me to learn Transcendental Meditation in the 1970s.  We thought the whole endeavor quite comical, and we had to pinch ourselves to avoid laughing hysterically.  Nonetheless, I was initiated into TM and connected to the practice in my own way.

From that moment on, I began what in my world is called sadhana or spiritual practice.  I meditated for twenty minutes twice a day and my life as a spiritual seeker officially began.  The search was on for something other than what life was offering, or at least a way to make life more meaningful and fulfilling.”
Check out the new album Love is Awake on iTunes available now

To read the full story in The One Magazine click here

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