Travis Caudle – Back To You/Heart & Soul

Back-To-You-artwork-Travis-CaudleBrand new track from the Perth rocker, Travis Caudle about the ego’s relentless desire to fill itself up with things from the external world – fame, money, success, material things – and the stranglehold that conditioned desires have on a person, even when they are conscious enough to know that that isn’t the path to freedom and fulfilment.

Our second Conscious Music Spotlight from Travis Caudle is Heart and Soul from the new EP to be released on May 27 called Your Little Trick, recorded on his tour of the US

Travis is no stranger to Soul Traveller Radio with several songs in our playlist including the favourites “Hear You Say” and “It’s Just You”. Travis found Soul Traveller radio after an interview with Joe Dispenza on The Conscious Revolution.

“When it comes to my music, I naturally write melodic pop/rock songs. Mostly I simply hear a tune in my head and will have to sit down at the guitar (and less frequently the piano) to figure out what it is I’m hearing. Likewise, I often feel my lyrics are sent from somewhere else and yet they usually seem to reflect what’s been happening for me in recent times – or, strangely, sometimes seem to speak of a future I’ve not yet reached. As time goes on, my lyrics seem to mirror my personal preoccupation with transcending the trappings of the mind, living in the present moment, and reinvention.”

We love the fresh sound that Travis has with his music that has had the production assistance of Mark Moffatt (Neil Finn, Keith Urban, The Saints, Yothu Yindi etc).

Back To You is available on April 1 from iTunes

The new EP, Your Little Trick will be available from May 27 and stay tuned for a Conscious Crew Insider with Travis Caudle coming soon..

For more information visit Travis Caudle’s website

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