a3508474672_10-510x510In the world of Conscious Music, Avasa and Matthew Love are a divine love story in themselves. Meeting in Cafe GratitudeĀ in the Bay Area, the two were drawn together overĀ an instant attraction and then followed by a recognition of their love of music. It is a union we are so glad has happened for with it has come a musical journey that has continued with their latest album, The Road. A more devotional departure from their first album, the new album still has elements of reggae that was so prominent on Love is King, Love is Queen.

The first track from the album that has made its way onto the Conscious Music Spotlight list is the beautiful Mama Come Save My Soul. Described as a musical homage to our Beloved Divine Mother, the song is a story of redemption that we all need to hear.

To get a copy of the new album, The Road, click here and check out the video below.



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