There is a saying that the only constant is change. It could have easily been written about conscious music artist Dave Stringer.  One of the most celebrated Kirtan styled artists in the world, Dave’s roots are far more than expected based on his previous albums like Mala or Joyride.

15 years ago, Dave hit the conscious music scene with an album that was an infusion of ”ingenious arrangements incorporated a fluid mix of East Indian and Western instruments…with Dave Stringer’s voice conveying a sense of grandeur as it played across maturely constructed arrangements with mantras and lyrics in Sanskrit, Hindi, Farsi and purely improvised emotional language.”

That EP was Brink and two years later a further 4 tracks were added to create what would ultimately lead to an album that was virtually shelved. It was too western for the rising kirtan audience and too eastern for any radio station in the west. 

Fast forward 16 years, several kirtan albums, a Radiance Sutras musical interpretation, countless kirtan flight schools and a tireless world tour that never ends, Dave Stringer is heading back to his roots with The Satellite Sky.

The-Satellite-Sky-Cover.420-420x419The 4 songs that were added to the Brink EP have now become its own release along with a newly recorded track, Americana-styled, Carbon Cycle. Popular artists Dave Matthews or David Gray had better be ready…another Dave is moving into very similar territory with an album that will gather a whole new fan base while still not straying too far from the roots that changed his life…India.

”India blasted me into billions of spinning particles and then slowly reshaped me, a process that was somehow simultaneously both excruciating and ecstatic. I can’t begin to claim complete knowledge about all of the layers of history and philosophy and theology represented by the mantras I learned to chant while I was there, but I can attest to their power. I’m not a Sanskrit scholar and not always a particularly focused practitioner, but I am deeply committed to the process of inquiry that the practice of yoga suggests.”

While the new album has very little in the way of traditional mantras, country and and bluegrass instruments like mandolin, pedal steel and acoustic guitar are embellished with all manner of East Indian instruments such as harmonium, tamboura, santoor and swaramandala.

His inquisition into the east and infusing it into western music and culture continues with the remastered Brink, also out now which combined some of the Satellite Sky tracks with a much more kirtan flavour, including his concert favourite, Shivo’ham, Shivo’ham.

This month also sees Dave Stringer hit the Australian and Bali shores for his tour celebrating the launch of Satellite Sky.  For information about the tour or to book your tickets, visit www.onespace.co

To purchase any of Dave Stringer’s albums, visit www.davestringer.com


As program manager and host of Soul Traveller Radio, Shayne's intention is to bring about change through his love of independent and conscious music. With a background in IT and media marketing, Shayne also runs ST Media - Positively Digital - http://stmedia.me - which helps artists and companies with media and marketing.