I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through
which God speaks to us every hour, if we only will tune in.
—George Washington Carver


My greatest joy is to continuously experience the divinity that flows through all life and manifests in countless forms. The infinite forms of divine love that we’re so fortunate to be able to experience here on Mother Earth, deeply inspire me. They not only enrich our lives beyond words or measure, but also offer constant support on our journeys, so that we may each fulfill our sacred, unique purpose for being here as a human.

One of these divine forms of support manifests as Nature messages. When our hearts and minds are open, we notice that life, seen and unseen, is always fully aware of us and communicating with us. It’s in our nature to perceive these empowering messages. However, in this world of conditioning and polarities, our natural ability to receive this kind of support isn’t always open or obvious.

Most of us have experienced some form of heart trauma in our lives. This causes our hearts to enclose themselves in a protective shield to prevent further pain. Unfortunately, this armor also prevents us from experiencing all that our sacred hearts desire for us, including embracing who we truly are—our divine true nature that merges Spirit with Nature.

Many of us have been taught by others to expect that life is against us and to be suspicious of anything “too good to be true” or that defies logic. We’re taught to focus on limitations and worst case scenarios instead of possibilities and positive outcomes. This causes us to constrict with fear, instead of opening up, expanding, allowing and receiving.

Alaska Moss Heart

Being willing to open our hearts and minds—even just a little bit—to something different, invites the abundance of the greater possibilities that are continuously being created for us. These include opportunities, connections, miracles, magick, synchronicities, wonders and guidance. If our hearts, our minds, or both, are closed to what’s possible in this world, we can’t receive the wealth of possibilities and divine forms of support that are available to us at all times.

I’ve always had a different view than most and unknowingly have practiced an easy and safe way to open the heart and mind. Expressing loving gratitude on a daily basis has always been my way. It’s how I begin every day. This combines the awareness of the mind (what) with the emotion within the heart (why). It’s as simple as noticing and acknowledging all that we have and feeling love and appreciation for it all—those we cherish (human and non-human), Spirit, Nature and all who support and enhance our life and lifestyle.

By regularly and consciously practicing love and appreciation, you gently open your heart and radiate a higher frequency. This allows your mind to be more open and enables you to receive more of all that life wants to give to you. It’s also a beautiful exchange of energy that requires very little time, and benefits you and those you feel appreciation for. Making this a daily morning practice keeps your channel for receiving wide open, so you can benefit from all the support and opportunities every new day creates for you.

Throughout my life I’ve experienced countless miraculous and amazing manifestations that would initially have seemed impossible to most. I’ve allowed the magick to manifest through the frequency of love, by opening my heart and mind to life’s divinity. While I know that anything is possible, it seems that the Divine continuously delights in surprising me with even greater jaw-dropping, masterful orchestrations.

I love noticing the messages I receive from Spirit through Nature, that foretell of the magick manifesting for me, that confirm that I’m moving in the right direction, that encourage me to keep going… It not only reveals that life is so much more wonderful than we can possibly imagine, but it’s also such an invaluable source of support that we all have available to us, in our everyday life. It’s just a matter of being aware.

There are messages in my life that I’ll never forget…

One particular “theme” of messages that I experienced in my life began in late summer of 2013, before I serendipitously connected with my beloved (now husband) in autumn, while I was still living in central Canada and he was in Alaska.

Whenever I spent time in Nature, I received messages about an upcoming romantic partnership, even though I wasn’t doing anything to meet a partner. I was focused on writing my book Sacred Possibilities and wasn’t paying much attention to the rest of the world. Pairs of butterflies would flutter up to me and dance around me before continuing on their journey. Pairs of birds would fly over me and seem to kiss each other by gently touching each other’s beaks. The messages also foretold of a partnership with a soulmate and possibly my twin flame: I would find identical pairs of feathers on my path during hikes, and encountered countless “twin trees” (a pair of trees fused together at the base) in my natural environment, whether spending time directly with Nature or while driving in areas where trees grew.

At one point I woke up in the middle of the night and felt guided to look out the bedroom window. What I saw amazed me: a pair of falling stars that travelled across the constellation known as the “Big Dipper”. I didn’t know it then, but later discovered that this constellation is the symbol on the Alaskan flag, and falling stars are very significant to Michael. Later that day when I was walking in Nature, I suddenly felt guided to look up above me, and there in the sky, shined a radiant rainbow that looked like a giant smile! The sky was pure blue with no visible clouds or crystals, so this was a complete surprise. It was such a delight since rainbows have always felt so special to me. As if that wasn’t enough, a bald eagle flew across the rainbow (one of my animal spirit guides). Unbeknownst to me, this was the same day that Michael received a very special tattoo, symbolizing sacred relationship with self and a significant other. While I didn’t know the exact significance of these messages until later when Michael and I connected, I knew without a doubt that something magickal was manifesting for me.

One day during our long distance relationship, I received a surprise message from him with a photograph of a pair of identical feathers tied together. He had no idea I’d been finding feather pairs in Nature prior to connecting with him and this image so deeply touched me.

Yosemite TwinTrees







When we decided in late winter of 2014 to meet in person and spend two weeks in California exploring Yosemite National Park together, we received two very significant messages during our hikes. At one point I was guided to look inside the small “cave” of a pair of beautiful giant sequoias which happened to be a “twin tree” and I found a pair of identical feathers! Later, we took our first photograph of us together in front of the glorious sequoia known as “Mariposa” (Spanish for butterfly, which are very significant to both of us) and afterwards, a radiant “smile” rainbow appeared above us in the sky! I happened to see it appear when I was admiring another grand giant of the forest and looking up towards the sky. We felt the absolute magick of it all…

Yosemite Rainbow

We also had the company of animal spirit guides in physical form as well. At one point when I was meditating with a giant sequoia, Michael went on exploring and his inquisitive nature ended up leading him off trail—just enough to suddenly feel lost. In that moment, a raven showed up, perched nearby and pointed in the direction for him to go. Raven was insistent until Michael walked in the direction he was shown, and found the trail again.

Yosemite Raven

Shortly before the one year anniversary of when we had first connected, we married in autumn 2014 within Alaska’s glorious Nature, in front of a pair of evergreen trees, surrounded by the colourful forest and magestic mountains. During the ceremony, we tied two identical feathers together as a symbol of our love and marriage.

This is just one small example of how beautifully supportive Nature messages can be for us on our paths of life, with all aspects of our everyday life. They continuously provide me with guidance, insights, confirmations, answers, etc. They also remind us of our whole true nature, so that we can embrace our own divinity and consciously co-create with the divinity of life.

It’s just one infinitely loving source of empowerment that is offered to us in this world every day. The more we open our hearts to embrace this sacred alliance with Nature and Spirit, the more we can benefit each other and countless more, in a world that is created from love and heart-centered awareness, relationship and collaboration.

Lucille DancingWind


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