This is the year of Divine transition, where you move away from negativity in all outcomes and gravitate towards positivity in natural and nurturing ways.

There is sunshine on a rainy day always available – this is a metaphor for your life now; that you truly know in the essence of your Being that you are guided, guarded and protected as you choose to step forward onto your path of passions that absolutely light you up!

Now you can see that the light within you burns brighter than ever before, that the veil thins to manifest miracles on consistent waves of dimensional depths that have you looking inside instead of outside; listening like never before to the rhythm of your own beat – your heart beat – that naturally recognises its unique frequency and like a magnet, ‘pulls’ to itself all that is required to make miracles occur.

This is the year that you decide to claim your birth right of joy and untold happiness. You have recognised that living in fear and bondage has not served your spirit in loving ways and you used the abundant energies of freedom and truth in 2015 to shift yourself from situations that no longer served you or satisfied you in expansive ways.

Now the energies of 2016 swoop to shift and structure a new way of Being – not only for those of empowered awareness but also for those who have been ‘sleeping’ for a long time. These ‘sleepwalkers’ actually ‘wake up’ and realise that they are not the sheep but the stag – leading their own lives for the very first time.

Curiosity is creeping in to illuminate your sacred sense of wisdom, for all possess the intelligence available to rectify and renew your paths of purpose and clarity.

Love shines upon everyone; as Light workers leverage their ability to stretch their spirits to fully embrace a strong desire to deepen the dimensional frequency force that lifts all to a higher ground that feels more like ‘home’ than ever before. ‘Home’ is the heart of our Earth Mother, where we are always held in sacred space that we take our own time to transform.

Many will return to a more simple structure for their lives; seeing that being busy has really been a blockage to the truth of who you essentially are…which is a lover of nature, compassionate, with a heart to help humanity recognise the Divine Design, this is as simple as connecting through community on guidance received from inspirational moments…. that is really the highest and most Divine aspect of who you are, activating your mental energy to the magical realms available to elevate you quickly from further chaos to a richer more fulfilling existence.

Time will seem to slow down a little this year – like you are suspended and blessed with a ‘pause’ for more reflection – yet as a paradox, you will find that outcomes manifest faster than ever before because the Universal whole is leaving no-one behind; helping all to release themselves from self-imposed stations of separation to the freedom of flight without fright, as all surface to a new space of surrender…you all just let go and let God, or whatever you choose to use as the name of this beautiful blessing of Source energy that activates all Beings now.

Many will find their intuition increases – unfolding as telepathy – a natural means of communication. This reveals a capacity to expand your reach as the teachers that you all are – think of a soul, speak to that soul, elevate that soul….all in the realms of spirit, no physical force required.

You gravitate towards like-minded people who are gathering in all walks of life – the energy of…I am better, more educated, more successful, more superior now loses all force and is reborn as; we are One, we are all fuelled by Divine intelligence, we have a voice (and a choice), we have the intention to see all as spiritual Beings in a sacred skin…not a physical vehicle that is prone to sickness and dis-ease.

Many take full responsibility for their emotional well-being which in turn manifests as health and happiness on a new level of existence.

Florence Scovill Schinn was a bright spark of light in a very dense and dark era, yet understood completely “the game of life and how to play it”….this is the message that manifests for 2016 now – all games are meant to be fun and enjoyable with opportunities to create feelings of freewill and inspired choice, taking personal responsibility for the well-being of the team as a whole – where all players win with wisdom and infinite love potential.

Start to see your life as a great game. Start to see the numbers on the Divine Dice of destiny (numerology) as the contract you came to complete. Every life path number is now overseen by the mystic and magick of the number 9 frequency for 2016.

Remember that there is never loss or hurt or hate unless you yourself feed it – choose the nutrition of kindness, compassion and light – balance this with positive boundaries and a knowing that blessings are your birth right as you move forward in the field of fresh beginnings for all. Free of karmic debt that dissolves quickly when your hearts are inspired to simply live a life of love through sharing your natural talents with reckless abandon.

You were placed on this planet to shine and share that which makes you feel good all of the time….when you can surrender to this process, no matter what shifts, changes or endings need to occur to have you align with that new frequency of fulfilment – you will find the rainbow after the rain and you will marvel at the miracles that have manifested for you in your life. You will feel ALIVE with a drive to do more, be more, love more, share more and you will know that gifting yourself with the huge act of service through self love (outside of the opinions of others) is the single most charitable act you could ever present to the planet.  Your presence will be felt in the planetary mix, as a contribution to the co-creation of infinite joy and possibility.

Journey well sacred souls…see your light – search within to find it, to feel it, to know it as the essence of who you really are, because you are all clear and perfect channels for the infinite wisdom of Source and you are now living your life in loving service by acknowledging your own potential and passion…however that looks and feels for you….no right or wrong, just beautiful Beings of light bringing their gifts to the table with truth and devotion to the sacredness of self. I Am that I Am and I ascend to the highest realms of radiant understanding, as I live my life free of judgement and expectation and full of light and expanded vision for illuminated experience, playing the game we call life.

Lose the serious and soak up the sun; natures natural dynamic lifter for Universal love and Source activation within us all.

As we lighten our load, we brighten our road and dance into our day with love. There is no greater time than the moment of now….breathe deeply and just begin…

Blessings of bliss and beauty

AshaTara and Shekinah speaks.

Artist: Android Jones


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