A beautiful mind with rich Divine qualities, can never be contained physically unless fed thoughts to tell it otherwise…You can all be free of the fiery influence of the negative collective, that seeks to imprison the beautiful mind by bombarding disempowering media messages that weaken the strong spirit to a place of fear – and when in fear you feel the need for comfort and comfort seeks to make others responsible for the feelings of fear….a vicious cycle of death and dying…..but you were born to be born again and again through your capacity to feel and find freedom.

There are so many possible outcomes to any given situation – yet you often see only one or two because your mind is clamped with a ceiling rather than freed to create.  For every obstacle there are multiple outcomes that can be manifested – no exceptions – black and white cannot possibly exist in a dimensional domain of multi-colored magnificence …..think about that! Is nature seen in black and white? Or do we view spectacular landscapes, dazzling sunsets and animals of awe-inspiring colour contrasts?

This is the palette to pursue – the mentorship of Earth mother who seeks only to show you all the options and magic readily available when you walk upon her soils with a heart intention to ‘see’ more. When you ‘see’ beyond the illusion of small (thinking mind), you are immersed in a collective consciousness of pure intent and creation….nothing is limited, all is infinite and you actually came here to express this pure consciousness on your planet….and this is love.

You are free to live this life experience with your beautiful mind delighting in encouraging other beautiful minds to love and be loved – there is no directive in any soul contract that says you will not have the freedom to create a masterpiece of your own imaginings and the universe will always sponsor the soul who seeks full expression, with synchronistic exchange that manifests magic and ever more support. Remember, you were given hands to hold each other for a reason –  help each other experience the highest possible learning of the infinite qualities of love.

If this resonates and feels to be your truth….than teach it, own it, understand that there is no ‘better than’ but there is ‘brighter than’ and the bright sparks ignite the awareness for other soul sparks to shine also…

Blessings by AshaTara

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Artwork by Dimitra Milan she is only 16, read an interview here http://www.mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs/dimitra-milan-paintings

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