Sage 2 - Lucille communing with EARTHIt was a beautiful spring day on April 22, 2007 – Earth Day. I was spending quality time with Nature in my urban prairie garden, joyfully admiring every new form of life I discovered.

The prairie crocuses had blossomed into beautiful bouquets of soft flowers that looked radiant in the rising sun’s golden light. I sat with them a while, caressing their fuzzy, light mauve petals and bathing in their sweet energy, sending them love and appreciation for their presence in my environment. As the first plants to emerge and bloom after winter (even with snow remaining on the ground), to me, they embodied greatness.

Suddenly, I noticed a little black ant moving inside one of the flowers, then noticed another ant in a different flower, and then another one… I silently observed with curiosity and saw how each tiny ant moved towards the flowers’ yellow fluffy centers. They roamed throughout the sunny centers for a while before leaving the flowers. Intrigued, I later did some research and confirmed that the ants were pollinators for crocuses! I’d never considered before that ants could be pollinators. I had the wonderful privilege of witnessing another form of greatness here on Mother Earth, this time as a small ant.

Over the years, I’ve known and observed too many people admiring those they consider to embody greatness, while dismissing others, including themselves, for their perspective of greatness is distorted.

When you spend time with Nature, you discover that every life form and individual, has a divine greatness that matters beyond our level of perception.

For example, the ones that keep our environments healthy are not even visible, for they dwell mostly underground (including fungus). They play crucial roles like aerating the soil; decomposing everything that falls to the ground; transforming matter into usable components for plants; dispersing nutrients throughout the roots of trees; preventing disease; and providing food for other life forms like birds, small mammals and insects. Their level of greatness is beyond measure for our world, yet they humbly do their sacred work completely out of sight.

Sage 3 - Red-Tailed HawkIt’s easy for people to judge a soaring hawk or mature red pine as being greater than a flower fly or mushroom. Yet, each form of life in Nature lives their greatness to its fullest potential, for they haven’t been taught (or told) to diminish or change who they are. They live their true nature every moment of their life, maintaining a sacred balance in the intricate web of life. Each one of them is integral to the greater whole and equally amazing.

It’s the same for human beings.

There’s a misconception about greatness in mainstream society, mainly caused by the media. Greatness doesn’t mean that you have to be a celebrity; win a medal, award or prize; write a best-seller; have a special title; be publicly recognized; be a household name; etc.

It’s easy for people to judge an award-winning actor or celebrity athlete or cultural hero as being greater than a janitor or farmer or taxi driver. Yet each one, when living from their heart with dedication and love, is living their greatness and contributing to the well-being of this world. Each one spreads more love, joy and light energy.   

Every one of us is here to contribute our divine greatness in a way that only we can. No other person has your personality or combination of strengths, qualities, skills, passions, talents, perspectives, values, etc. Everyone is a thread in the great tapestry of our world and supports the greater whole in infinite ways.

Greatness means living your truth. It means fully shining your divine essence simply by being your best you in all you do. It means making a difference for others and this world by doing what comes so naturally to you, that you might not even recognize it as greatness.

Greatness means inspiring and empowering others with what you do and who you are from your heart. It means uplifting others and brightening up someone’s day in your own unique way – it can be as simple as a genuine smile that lights up others’ hearts. It means enhancing someone’s life and this world with every act of love, kindness, generosity and selflessness.

I recognize immediately when someone is living their greatness. It has nothing to do with age, gender, race, social class or recognition, profession, body shape or size, lifestyle or popularity. They simply emanate a special light from their spirit, and everything they do is done wholeheartedly and affects others in a positive way.Sage 1 - beautiful forest floor

I could describe countless examples of this, that I’ve personally experienced throughout my life. However, for the purpose of this article, I’ll only share a few detailed ones.

My first example is a university teacher who left an impression on me and was loved by his students. He was a brilliant man whose passion for sharing his knowledge of physics made his class one of my favourites – regardless that it was academically my worst subject after math! His energy was contagious as he explained long formulas that sounded like a foreign language to me. He’d then always wow us with visual demonstrations of these formulas, which would leave me in awe. He was always smiling from his heart and his spirit shined brightly through his eyes. He was fully living his greatness in that classroom and managed to make physics an interesting subject for me. 

My second example is a volunteer veterinarian that I have the joy of working with every week. I volunteer at a non-profit organization that provides care for injured, orphaned and sick wild birds (from sparrows to eagles), as well as providing educational presentations to the public. This retired veterinarian is an Earth angel, living her greatness with every bird she looks after and everything she teaches us, through her kind and gentle nature. She lovingly devotes so much of her time in ways that she’s exceedingly good at, to ensure that the birds admitted receive the best chance possible to return back to Nature or have the best quality of life as educational ambassadors (when they can’t be released due to permanent injury). In fact, each volunteer and staff member I’ve worked with there, exudes a beautiful energy for being of service from their heart. 

All people who do volunteer work in this world, in so many forms, mostly in a very quiet and humble way without recognition, live the greatness of the human spirit and divine heart.

My third example is my dear grandmother who is almost 96 years old and the last of my living grandparents. I was blessed to have her and my dear grandpa as neighbours throughout my childhood. We shared the same large yard on the family farm. All her life, my grandma devoted herself with absolute love to her family (14 children, and many grandchildren and great grandchildren).

Everything she did was done wholeheartedly and meticulously: from tending the huge garden and her flowers; cooking, baking and canning; doing laundry; hosting family gatherings in all seasons; sharing stories; mending clothes; creating big, colourful teddy bears from used coats stored in their attic (for each of us 60 grandchildren!); always welcoming our visits with a big smile and treats; providing things we needed for special school projects (I actually won a science fair prize in grade 3, for a project featuring the history of buttons, thanks to her – I was so amazed by the variety I found in her many jars of buttons collected over decades, which she was delighted to donate for my project!); giving unlimited hugs and double kisses; and so much more.

What I’ve also always loved and admired about her, is that no matter if she was working in the yard or garden, doing chores in the house, running errands, attending public events, or hosting a celebration, she’s always worn a pretty dress, jewellery and chunky high-heeled shoes! She’s managed to do everything in her own style, every day that I’ve known her. She has lived her greatness through her giant, open heart and in doing so, has enriched so many lives beyond measure.

These are just three examples. I know so many more who live their greatness as parents, guardians of animals, service providers (including retail clerks, taxi drivers, a school janitor, a furnace repairman, flight attendants, park attendants, bank tellers and managers, restaurant servers, hotel maids, rental car clerks, and so many more), teachers, cooks, bakers, farmers, artists, photographers, environmental advocates, gardeners, entrepreneurs, authors, singers, musicians, dancers, accountants, astrologers, doctors, healers, people (including leaders and celebrities) who speak their truth to benefit our world even if it’s “contrary” and unconventional, etc.

There are as many forms of greatness possible, as there are forms of life.

Every time I experience greatness, in whichever form it presents itself, I fully celebrate it with joyous love and appreciation – for every form of life that lives their greatness, contributes more of the sacred to our world.      

Lucille DancingWind is the founder of Sacred Earth Connection® offering a wealth of life-empowering resources, gifts and offers, including her powerful book "Sacred Possibilities", "Sacred Alliances for Empowered Living" program and "Self-Love Ritual". Her heart-centered work is dedicated to empowering men and women by guiding them to their powerful divine true nature–the source of infinite wisdom, deep trust in self and life, and sacred relationship with All. She facilitates this work in alliance with Spirit and Nature. Visit her website: