StormsThere are currently many different types of storms swirling in our world. Considering that 2017’s frequency is one of beginning, the presence of the storm energy is not surprising. We can either view it as a supportive ally or otherwise—the choice is ours. As powerful co-creators, the outcomes are highly influenced by our choices, perspectives, beliefs, intentions and where these are rooted.

Nature’s phenomenal storms invoke many different reactions from people, depending on one’s perspective—from love and admiration at one end of the spectrum, to unease and fear of varying degrees at the other end of the spectrum. They’re an inspiring reminder that there’s a great force at work, maintaining a certain order and sacred balance by restoring harmony.

I’ve personally always felt an immense respect and deep connection with storms of all forms, and especially the intense thunderstorms of the prairies. I’ve asked Nature’s storms about their purpose and was shown their sacred roles as energy transformers: clearing, releasing and purifying environments—where energy has become dense, stagnant and heavy. The impressive lightning, strong winds and pouring rain might appear to be chaotic, but there’s a divine order and purpose at work. Environments look, feel and smell so pure after a storm—the colours are more vibrant, the air smells fresh, the energy feels clear and alive. Where more intense and larger natural storms pass, an entire environment might be transformed into a completely new one. How we judge a storm is based on our personal perspective.

Metaphorical storms occur in our personal lives and on larger scales as well, to co-create great transformation. When these storms manifest, they support us in ways that we might not initially perceive as a form of support. They create situations that stretch us far beyond our comfort zones to awaken our courageous hearts and remind us of who we truly are and what we’re actually capable of—especially when we’re rooted in love. With higher awareness, instead of reacting to our discomfort by projecting onto others, we can harness the storm energy for deep self-reflection within—where our divine wisdom and true empowerment resides.

Storms show up when it’s time for an alignment with our ever-expanding higher truth, as individuals and as a collective. They give us a powerful opportunity to release from within our own lives what no longer aligns with our values, to clear what doesn’t resonate with who we truly are, to claim our personal power from within (the stillness within our sacred hearts, “the eye of the storm”) and make choices that are guided by our wise hearts—our divinity (different than our emotional hearts). The storms promote wider openings of our hearts, if we allow them to, so that our actions not only benefit us on a multi-dimensional personal level, but also ripple out to benefit the greater whole.

On the night of last week’s New Moon, I had one of those vivid, brief but very significant dreams (that I was told was very aligned with the Aquarian energy of that moon)… I found myself sitting cross-legged on emerald-green and brightly sunlit, grassy ground, eyes closed in meditation. I simply felt joyous inner peace when suddenly, I slowly began to lift and float above the ground… This totally made me smile and the more uplifting emotions I felt, the higher off the ground I floated! With eyes still closed, I could see people on the ground silently looking at me with surprise. I was floating approximately four stories high when I woke up.

The high frequency of this vivid dream experience stayed with me all day, despite that it was between other dreams that were polar opposites—storms. Having this uplifting mystical dream amidst those stormy ones, emphasized the power of being centered within our hearts. Storms are empowering allies with gifts. They remind us that it’s time for the limitless power of our sacred hearts to awaken and lead us, as we co-create a world of more love and light.

Lucille DancingWind is the founder of Sacred Earth Connection® offering a wealth of life-empowering resources, gifts and offers, including her powerful book "Sacred Possibilities", "Sacred Alliances for Empowered Living" program and "Self-Love Ritual". Her heart-centered work is dedicated to empowering men and women by guiding them to their powerful divine true nature–the source of infinite wisdom, deep trust in self and life, and sacred relationship with All. She facilitates this work in alliance with Spirit and Nature. Visit her website: