Blue King Brown’s well documented support for West Papua has been evident throughout their music, however their latest album Born Free brings the message to the forefront in songs like Rise and All Nations.

“The video for the song All Nations was filmed in Vanuatu because West Papuans are Melanesian and Vanuatu is Melanesian and one of the only countries in the world that has always been a loud voice of support for their West Papuan brothers and sisters…the only country to have had a representative go to the UN to talk about the problem. All of the people in the clip are really part of the movement for freedom for West Papua.”

The passion that Nattali Rize and BKB co-founder Carlo Santone have for the West Papuan community is so strong that the message comes through as equally as loud as any journalistic report. It is time to take some action. Nattali felt so strongly she changed her surname to Rize.

“Times are changing, me as an artist and a musician, I am ever evolving and with these changing times has come a name that I am happy to carry forward into the next part of my musical journey. The spelling of Nattali comes from the first half of that word ’Natta’ being a Native American word that means Speaker, as in someone who speaks… and that resonates with me because I use my music as a voice for the people.

”The second part Rize is a strong word that also represents the intention behind the music I make in terms of trying to inspire myself and my listeners to Rize Up against all injustices and especially to Rize up and ultimately Unite in order to create and craft a new future where the people have the power…not governments, or should I say, corporations.”

In April 2012 Blue King Brown were joined on stage by the group Rize of the Morning Star, a peaceful non-violent movement, that aims to bring hope to the plight of West Papuans. The concert was the biggest ever display of international public support for West Papua by both groups. To be part of the movement, alert your community and local government or show your support visit

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