This is our story. You may know Tanya from the many incredible and inspiring posts you see on our site and Facebook page or you may know me (Shayne) from my work on Soul Traveller Radio but what you may not know is our journey and what we have been through to bring us to this empowered point on our Soul Path…and the introduction of the Soul Traveller Prosperity Program.

The Soul Traveller Prosperity Program is a unique heart-centred blueprint for ‘branding’ your personal power (your secret sauce) and building a business supported by an automated platform and an incredible soul tribe that vibrates with the values of “Together We Rise”. Community is the new currency! for  stands apart because it is ALL about HEART!  The information on this page will provide insight into what we have learnt that has placed us on this path of abundance.

And…at the end of this article we are going to give you an opportunity to complete a survey and we will send you a copy of Tanya’s special eBook “The Shift 11:11”.

Before we start, here are three questions to ask yourself…Are You…

• DONE with living a life of LIMITATION. 
• OVER playing SMALL to fit into an old story.


We aligned with some amazing mentors that shared with us some incredible tools and information about their journey. They were living in abundance. Both Spiritually and Financially!

The exciting news is that after going through their very simple methods, my partner Tanya and I could see how it could become a reality in our own lives and so we took the plunge and became part of a Heart-Centred Tribe with mentors that aligned with our core values. Our intention was to do exactly what our mentors did and experience this journey with an incredible gathering of conscious creative friends. And now we have called this in. For a long time we had been envisioning The Soul Traveller Prosperity Program and now it is a reality.

It wasn’t always like this though…


In 2015 a book was released called The Rich get Richer while the Poor get Prison. At the time I thought it was a catchy funny title until it actually happened to me. I was living with a poverty mentality based out of fear and the end result was a one way ticket to incarceration. I know it is hard to even think about yet alone comprehend it happened to me.

To our family and friends it was no secret what we had been through. 2016 was an incredibly hard year for us both emotionally and financially. Our whole world literally shattered overnight as I was found guilty of not paying back a company tax bill and was placed into prison. I am not going to soft soap it. Every day inside was a journey of mixed emotions, fear, doubt and worry for my family on the outside.

I cannot even begin to describe what I went through in this short post, only that I know I could not have managed without the love and support of Tanya, my family and of course our soul tribe who kept us both in their thoughts and prayers. My daily strength was found in 15 minute phone calls to Tanya and a mantra meditation practice.

Coming out of that environment at the end of 2016, I was welcomed with open loving arms by everyone including the beautiful heart-centred souls within the Soul Traveller Conscious Community and Tanya’s meditation groups. The understanding, compassion and care shared so generously during this time touched us both deeply. 🙏🙏🙏


Fast forward eighteen months and I feel truly blessed to share that I now have a strong established music pr company helping conscious music artists around the world and a radio show broadcast on Australian community radio (150 stations to be exact) but there is still so much more that I want to create!

I am inspired daily by my dream to build a secure, unshakeable financial foundation; not only to support my beautiful family in abundant ways but to be free to dedicate and direct my focus in creating more global awareness of the incredible conscious musicians sharing their soul sounds that bring us all to a place of peace and possibility. Tanya and I are ready to shine, share and support all Soul Travellers in inspiring ways with wonderful outcomes and opportunities.

We found a program that could empower our dreams and make them a reality. A program with mentors . And this is where our mentors came in. They were our solution…our turning point. They were the catalyst for an exciting new program that we know is needed by not just us…by everybody.


The Soul Traveller Prosperity Program will show you how it is possible to go from NO RESULTS…TO…

• Generating leads online
• Building a business that is 90% automated (no need to be tech-saavy!!!)
• Working together with a group of like-minded conscious people (that’s the soul-tribe!)
• Making more money in a month than some earn in a whole year.
• And doing it all from the comfort of your laptop.

Having seen a lot of systems online, I was interested to see if the same principles could be applied to my music business, Soul Traveller Media, and from a simple Facebook advertising spend of $100, I received over 16 radio pr leads in just 3 days. That was $4000 worth of income in a matter of days..not weeks.

It works…and I am sold!


SO!! We are calling on the people in our soul tribe that want to help launch their own business, on their own terms, and journey with Tanya and myself as we embark on this exciting process. You don’t need to know how to sell. You can create abundance without hassling. Most importantly we would love the chance to work directly with our soul tribe to create a culture of abundance. But you have to be coachable and more importantly you must be Heart-Centred!

Simply complete the survey below to find out more about how you can follow a Heart-Centred Blueprint towards 5 Figures Months. We will personally email you the link to an amazing introduction webinar and just for completing the survey you will be given Tanya Allison’s eBook “The Shift 11:11”.

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All Blessings, Shayne & Tanya



As program manager and host of Soul Traveller Radio, Shayne's intention is to bring about change through his love of independent and conscious music. With a background in IT and media marketing, Shayne also runs ST Media - Positively Digital - - which helps artists and companies with media and marketing.