As inhabitants of Mother Earth, beyond species, gender, race and form, we’re all connected as one global family—in multiple ways. Luna, our beautiful moon, reminds us of this, regardless of our lifestyle, whether we’re immersed in a natural environment or a vast urban center. She travels through the sky around us with a silent reflection of a sacred rhythm that flows through us all. She gently makes us aware that we’re all Nature and take part in her natural cycles. Our relationship is an intimate one.

Nature continuously offers us ways to expand in multi-dimensional ways—to experience all aspects of ourselves as human beings. The energies and effects offered by Luna vary with her cycles and phases, in partnership with the Sun and other celestial bodies and constellations.

Spiritually our moon’s energy beautifully facilitates meditation, dream-time and journeying, while also amplifying ceremony and ritual. However, it’s Luna’s physical effects upon our planet and each one of us, that intimately connects us all, regardless of our species. Personal observation as well as research has shown that our moon affects so much, including the weather, plants and animal behavior—humans are no exception. People across our planet who maintain a close relationship with the natural environment can attest to this.

The most obvious physical effect of Luna here on Mother Earth relates to the ebb and flow of water on all levels, from the macro (Earth) to the micro (our bodies). One study looked at the combined rainfall records of over 1,500 North American weather stations over a 50 year period. The amount of rainfall was heaviest a few days after both the new and full moon phases and lowest just before these. Other research has concluded the same. Our moon’s gravitational pull causes interesting shifts! The high and low tides occur twice a day for most of our planet, and when she aligns with the Sun, greater tides are created.

A lesser known tidal effect also occurs within our planet. According to research, the records of seismologists have shown that more earthquakes occur when Luna is closest to our planet and within a day of a new or full moon. The average adult human body is said to contain 65% water, making it obvious why our moon’s phases affect us directly in various ways. Especially for communities and people who are more aware of and aligned with the rhythms of Nature, women’s menstrual cycles also tend to follow Luna’s phases.

People since ages past have followed the lunar cycles to determine the best time to plant seeds. Lunar phases also affect the amount of moisture in the soil. Seeds seem to absorb the most moisture when planted shortly before a full moon.

The feeding and mating habits of animals—especially aquatic dwellers like fish, coral, sea turtles and amphibians like frogs—have been recorded to coordinate with the lunar cycles. This occurs worldwide. When I volunteered in Costa Rica for three months in 2002, for a sea turtle restoration program, I personally observed this also. The beautiful female sea turtles came up on the beach to lay their eggs in the greatest numbers around the new moons, and very rarely around the full moons.

Our own tendencies for productivity, creativity, introversion and extraversion shift along with the different lunar cycles. When you work with or are around the public consistently, you notice behavioral patterns that directly correlate with our moon’s phases (it’s quite fascinating!).

By becoming aware of our beautiful moon’s different cycles in relation to our own personal rhythms—our bodies’ emotional, mental, physical and spiritual states along with our lives’ events and manifestations—we can gain much greater understanding of this intimate relationship we have with Luna. We can then consciously align with it to further empower ourselves in our human experience.
(Featured image of the full moon by William Stoffers.)

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