If you desire to see change, to live in a world that is governed by love-centered hearts, but you feel overwhelmed or discouraged by what you see or experience, and you wonder how any one person can possibly make a difference, may this inspire and empower you!…

It’s really all a matter of shifting your perspective…

When we look at the countless issues that challenge our world at this time, it’s easy to feel hopelessness, since we’re looking at it from a global and physical perspective. From that vantage point, we can feel small and powerless in the face of such a grand scale.

However, each one of us holds the key to transforming this world into what we desire it to be, and it’s simpler than our minds perceive it to be.

When we shift our perspective to one of energy instead, and recognize the immense power we have, just by acknowledging and claiming our divine nature, we know and understand within our wise hearts that every thought, emotion, choice and action has a powerful impact beyond our understanding.

The transformational key is our own sacred hearts.

Your ability to love in its highest form, gives you the power to create change and miracles on a daily basis.

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When we choose love as the root of all that we do, as a daily practice in every moment, empowerment replaces overwhelm and we see what’s truly possible. Love focuses on possibilities – it recognizes that anything is possible. Worries, fears and doubts fade in the background of your mind as you give your heart the leadership and open to the possibilities.

When we honour ourselves and our personal truth, and begin every day with the intention to be our heart-centered best in all situations, we truly make an impact that ripples out into space and time beyond what we can imagine.

When we radiate our empowered, unique spirit energy from love, we benefit everything and everyone around us, and beyond (without knowing it most of the time). We must trust that it is so, regardless if we see evidence of this or not.

I consistently, personally do experience evidence of this, knowing it’s but a small fraction of the magnitude manifesting. I’ll share two simple examples that have left a lasting impression on me and serve as reminders when I need a shift of perspective…

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I experienced the first example when I was called to spend three months on the big island of Hawai’i in 2013. It was a giant leap of faith. After a few weeks of living there, I woke up one morning and just had to find out how long it would take me to walk down Mauna Loa to the highway near the coast, and back up again to where I was renting a suite from soul family.

My body was suddenly deeply craving extreme physical activity. The extent of my exercise had been daily walks on level landscapes for the past several years, so my fitness level wasn’t great. However, I was determined to honour my body, despite the reactions I received from locals (including my dear soul sister and soul brother!). Everyone in that area drove their vehicles, so upon my announcement, they found me a bit “crazy” to even consider that! I laughed and didn’t let it stop me. I had to find out for myself if this was a possibility and an enjoyable one for me.

Well, I was so pleased to discover that by rising with the singing birds at 4:30 am (something I’d never done before!), I was able to complete the entire circuit within one and a half hour, before the sun rose above the mountain and got too hot for physical activity. I ended up continuing this Nature exercise routine each sunrise thereafter, until I left the island!

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It was a hike down and up the steep, narrow roads of the mountain, bordered by natural forest and vegetation. I took brief breaks to drink water and catch my breath under selectively chosen, sweetly scented blossoming “plumeria” trees. The first two weeks really felt like a “boot camp”, my heart pounding hard with ample sweat drenching my clothes… Yet, it was so exhilarating to greet every day with Nature’s beauty and to invigorate my body on all levels. It was my alone time with Nature and kept me heart-centered and fully grounded in my body during that time on my path of life. I enjoyed every moment of it, especially in the face of so many extreme unknowns.

During these sunrise hikes, I got to know many locals. Shortly after meeting me, one neighbour asked me where I worked. After a moment, I honestly replied to her, “This is currently my work.”, meaning my exercise routine. I didn’t realize how true this really was until one morning shortly after.

I was hiking back up a particularly steep area when an older woman, whom I hadn’t met yet, drove uphill behind me. As she reached me, she stopped her vehicle, rolled down her window and said with a big smile, “I just had to tell you that you’ve become my hero!”.

I was stunned. What an unexpected greeting and honour to receive! She proceeded to tell me that she noticed me every morning when she drove to work and she was so amazed by my discipline and determination, that I inspired her to get her overweight body back in shape. She started walking a short distance every day and was determined to keep adding more distance every week. Wow.

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I never anticipated that my “crazy” workout would have that effect on someone else! I was simply honouring what my body desired, while empowering myself further in my favourite environment – Nature.

I was overjoyed and thanked her for all she shared with me, for I never would have known otherwise. It was a gift for me to receive that knowledge! As she drove off and I resumed my uphill hike, my steps felt lighter and I couldn’t stop smiling.

This gave me a whole other perspective about the responsibility each of us have, to honour ourselves, in all situations of everyday life. We do make a difference just by being ourselves – by honouring our heart-centered truth, no matter how “crazy” it might seem to others at times. Each of us is part of the global ecosystem and affect the greater whole by who we are and what we do, every moment.

My second example was experienced at the end of winter in 2015 on a landscape that the beautiful humpback whales migrate to every year from Hawai’i: glorious and grand Alaska.

Here, I was reminded once again, just how powerful our seemingly simple actions of love truly are, and that when we choose love as the root of all that we do, we become an incredible force of change in ways we might not even envision!…

No matter where I’ve traveled on our magnificent Mother Earth, I unfortunately encounter discarded trash in Nature, and Alaska is no exception. Yes, it can be quite disheartening, but it also fuels my commitment to my purpose – to the work I’ve come here to do at this time.

It was a gorgeous sunny day and warm enough that I didn’t need to wear a jacket. The snow had completely melted from one of my favourite southern Alaska park areas. The trails I love to hike were bare and the landscape now revealed… a lot of litter. Seeing this, I decided to make a difference for this sacred land that is so dear to my heart.

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I returned the next day and brought a large garbage bag with me. I intended to remove every piece of garbage I encountered during my hike, including the parking area (the gateway to the trails). I strive to leave places more beautiful than when I arrived there.

I stated my intention to the sacred beings of Nature and Spirit and asked for their assistance. It was highly effective teamwork – I was guided to every discarded beer, water and juice bottle, snack bag, candy wrapper, full baby diaper and dog poop bag, fast food container, shoe box, soda and beer can, etc., that was in plain view or hidden through ground-level leaves, roots and branches. I also had the company of lovely chickadees singing their cheerful notes and curious squirrels chattering as they watched me go about my mission. Many places weren’t easy to get to, but with every piece of trash I put in the bag, I felt increasingly blissful!

Instead of going into anger and the negativity of all this trash, I went into the deep love I feel for Nature and Mother Earth. I experienced immense joy as I beautified Nature by removing one more piece of trash from its environment.

My actions did more than make Nature more physically beautiful. I could feel the energy shift into a higher frequency with every garbage item I removed – even the smallest candy wrapper. I was transforming the energy of those spaces by infusing love, appreciation and reverence through my heart-centered work.

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Every act of love is more than meets the eye! It creates highly beneficial shifts beyond our perspective, including expanding love and creating contagious ripples and miracles.

As I continued to do this, something totally unexpected unfolded which burst my heart and mind with ever-increasing joy and appreciation!…

Other people in the park noticed me doing this and used some of their own time to pick up litter and contribute it to my bulging bag of trash! They did so with big smiles and loving expressions of gratitude for what I was doing.

From skateboarding teenaged boys to fathers and mothers with children, they felt moved to participate and I wholeheartedly thanked them all. We ended up filling that entire bag and the environment looked and felt that much more divine for it.

We’re all so connected, whether we’re consciously aware of it or not. When we see someone do something out of love, it moves us. Our hearts and spirits are touched at a deep level that reminds us that love has no boundaries. We feel it and desire to be part of it.

When those people saw me transform the environment, one piece of garbage at a time, it touched their hearts in a way that inspired them to do the same and contribute as well.

Simple acts of love connect our hearts and awaken common desires or goals. Their potential to create powerful change is beyond measure.

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By being the change you desire to see, you gently invite others to do the same. Simply being a loving example is so much more effective than preaching or complaining.

By quietly, joyfully, and lovingly cleaning up the environment that is so dear to my heart, I naturally inspired others to do the same. I never anticipated that my simple actions would have that positive effect on others. I was so focused on my mission that I wasn’t even aware that other people in the park noticed what I was doing.

You just never know who’s taking notice of you and being moved or inspired by something you do or how you are, and consequently also chooses to contribute more love into our world in their own way.

Love truly is limitless in its power to transform our world. It’s contagious because that’s what we are by nature – such a divine design!

It’s up to each of us to claim our power to make a difference, with everyday choices, one act of love at a time (love for self and others are equally important).

Together we absolutely can transform our world for the better.

(All photos taken in Hawai’i and Alaska by Lucille DancingWind ©)

Lucille DancingWind is the founder of Sacred Earth Connection® offering a wealth of life-empowering resources, gifts and offers, including her powerful book "Sacred Possibilities", "Sacred Alliances for Empowered Living" program and "Self-Love Ritual". Her heart-centered work is dedicated to empowering men and women by guiding them to their powerful divine true nature–the source of infinite wisdom, deep trust in self and life, and sacred relationship with All. She facilitates this work in alliance with Spirit and Nature. Visit her website: www.SacredEarthConnection.com