I have noticed recently that there is an abundance of wonderful spiritual knowledge, awesome quotes and sharing on all social media platforms which is inspiring to see, yet I am also aware that many people are asking themselves the question…How?

How do I know if I am ready to make new choices for my life? How do I begin? How am I going to move through my personal obstacles of doubt, indecision and fear that are real for me?

I have found that your ‘feelings’ are a great indicator of where you are now and if you are ready to receive new tools and information to support you in taking positive steps on your Soul Path.

There are 5 significant ‘feelings’ or concerns that clients have often shared with me before commencing a course or series of personal empowerment sessions and I am sure you will resonate with some of them;

The first is ‘feeling’ different in your normal social circle of friends and family; like the conversations or activities that you used to enjoy so much, no longer feel right for you anymore. This is not the energy of judgement, more a sign for you to see that you are ready to be inspired and motivated in new ways.

The second signal is a ‘feeling’ of being restless in your work environment. It is not that your situation has really altered in anyway, it is an inner knowing that “there must be more for me to be doing” or “I cannot put my finger on what is bothering me, I just know that the energy here feels different for me now”.

The third sign is a feeling that ‘your story’ sounds tired and the drama of it doesn’t seem real for you anymore. You simply don’t feel attached to the negative vibe of it all, you don’t even have the reactive energy that used to feel so intense for you. You feel the urge to write some positive, powerful chapters in your book of life, that are rising from a strong sense that there is a new beginning for you looming on the horizon.

The fourth intuitive feeling belongs to your body. You sense that you are preparing for some lifestyle changes but feel unsure how or where to begin. You find that you can dismiss this ‘push’ as a little too hard for you to navigate but you cannot seem to shake the nudge within you, that keeps bringing you back to these thoughts.

Feeling number five is an awareness that you are not fully present with people and ‘doing’ life; you seem to be constantly day-dreaming of different directions and outcomes, visualising a much bigger picture…with you in it! You are forever ‘floating’ away from the reality of where you are, intrigued by new possibilities for your path.

It is good to acknowledge right now that all the above feelings are super positive! Even though you may not be comfortable with the ‘feelings’ and just wish they would disappear so you can feel ‘normal’ again, there is a pretty good chance they will not leave and to be honest, will probably get stronger by the week!

There is one more amazing Universal sign that is signalling a Soul Shift around the planet and ‘firing’ up excitement and a big sense of something more, and that is the beautiful phenomenon of the frequent sightings of 11:11.

11:11 or any variations within that number sequence such as 11 or 111 is the Universal Wake-Up call and the feelings of anticipation and gratitude that occur when you look to your phone or desktop and see it…is awesome, inspiring and magical!!

I have written a brilliant pdf article explaining in detail everything you have wanted to know and understand about the 11:11 phenomenon and what it means for you…

If you are resonating with one or more of the ‘feelings’ shared above, then I can almost guarantee that you are ready for a Soul Path Shift and I am passionate about helping you to see your powerful capacity to create change that feels good for you!

I have gathered together the best content and tools that have inspired and empowered my beautiful clients and groups with incredible lasting results. In the coming weeks I will be launching an online program to nurture and support everyone who feels ready to receive a radiant shift and begin living a life that you absolutely LOVE to live!

YOU can now register your interest to find out more information for…

The Soul Path Shift: 8 Steps to Creating Trust, Confidence and Clarity of Purpose with Tanya Allison.

Click Here to Email Me and Register Your Interest

I will personally respond with much more detail about The Soul Path Shift and how you can sign up to experience this shift for yourself.

All Illumination and abundant blessings……..Tanya xxx

Artist: Duy Huynh


Testimonials for The Soul Path Shift;

“I loved how Tanya brought all these 8 steps together as a blend – I feel completeness…”   Jean

“I love how Tanya integrates life tools and spirit together, to shine light on how we can improve ourselves with positive daily routines and practices…”   Kirsten

“Many times I heard Tanya say ‘don’t be fooled by the simplicity’…Too often we complicate things and Tanya breaks it all down and shows you how to peel away until you are at the root ‘thought’ that is holding you back. When the student is ready the teacher appears – you Tanya are my teacher and you bless me every time I am in your presence…thank you” Sue

“The entire process was an ‘ah ha’ moment! Everything was well organised and easy to comprehend. Tanya you opened my eyes to the areas I need to work on for my soul happiness. Thank you so much…”  Gloria

“Thank you, Tanya – this course made me have a good look at myself; to make the necessary changes and overcome my self-inflicted limitations. Just amazing! Would recommend this course to everyone! It hands you back your power!”  love another Tanya

“It was brilliant, amazing and surprising what I learnt not only about myself, but about being able to change what needs to be changed and to believe in myself. I thought the format was very clear and spot on. I think Tanya you are an amazing woman, thank you…”   Charlene

“The information Tanya shares always feels so loving and supportive to nudge you back on track. I have much love, respect and gratitude to have met her. Thank you, Tanya …”








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