We’re infinitely blessed to live in a world with such a magnificent, vast diversity of landscapes. They not only provide us with awe-inspiring beauty, but each landscape also has unique combinations of energies that offer incredible support to empower us on our paths of life. Just as each of us has soul contracts with certain people that can also extend to animals (especially the companion species including dogs, cats and horses), we also have soul contracts with landscapes. When we answer their invitations, especially with awareness, these contracts are mutually and highly beneficial.

Throughout our lives at different stages of our personal growth, we can find ourselves feeling a desire or calling to go visit or reside in a specific type of landscape. It can be within a few hours’ drive from your home, or on the other side of Mother Earth. Whether a desert, lake shore, forest, mountain range, meadow, ocean, valley, beach, prairie, tundra, or even an urban environment, every type of landscape offers its unique, empowering gifts.

While we might not be conscious of these invitations, as energy beings we’re finely tuned in to the energies of these environments—on all levels. You just know when it’s time to immerse yourself in a specific environment—you feel it. Whether you act on this inner guidance (or not), is entirely up to you.

There are always many benevolent beings working together “behind the scenes” on our behalf, to initiate a connection with these different landscapes, for whichever amount of time is perfect for each of us, in divine timing. When we become aware of this, we can tune in even more powerfully and really cultivate relationships with these supportive allies.

What you receive from a landscape might be completely different for someone else. The landscapes that you resonate with throughout your life provide a unique combination of support, specifically designed just for you. When you feel a calling to spend some time in a certain environment, accepting this invitation is a gift you give to yourself as well as to the landscape. There’s a mutual benefit when you connect with any environment through your heart. You give it doses of high frequency in the form of joy, love, appreciation, and reverence in return for what you receive. You also imprint that landscape with your unique personal energy signature.

Just as you benefit from the divinely designed frequencies of a specific landscape, so does the landscape and its inhabitants, benefit from yours. When you answer the call of a landscape for deep healing, even if you might not feel like you’re contributing to that landscape’s well-being in any way, trust that in answering that call with appreciation, you’re fulfilling a soul contract that allows that landscape to fulfill part of its own purpose. The benefits extend far beyond what you can fully perceive.

When I was divinely guided to leave my life as I knew it, to live in a remote, specific landscape only one hour north of where I was born, I had no idea what awaited me—a powerful transformation that occurred within one year (that I was told by a mentor had taken her a decade to achieve). It wasn’t just the combination of physical elements that facilitated this intense personal journey, but also the weather of that particular landscape—including incredible thunderstorms during the hotter months of the year. Various landscapes around the world have also called to me during specific stages of my life, and each one has provided truly invaluable sacred gifts. Timing is everything and only higher guidance can align us with that.

Landscapes can powerfully facilitate harmony within you when you become out of balance, restore or enhance your sense of well-being, promote deep healing on all levels, accelerate your personal growth and evolution, open your heart that much wider, or simply provide a sacred space for you to be more fully aware of your truth—who you really are at the core of your heart and spirit.

The divinity that flows through all life radiates Spirit’s pure loving, sacred energy in countless forms, and is always available to you if you’re willing to receive it. Allow yourself to trust your heart and body’s knowing of where you’re guided to go, so you can discover the possibilities and gifts awaiting you, beyond your mind’s awareness.

Lucille DancingWind is the founder of Sacred Earth Connection® offering a wealth of life-empowering resources, gifts and offers, including her powerful book "Sacred Possibilities", "Sacred Alliances for Empowered Living" program and "Self-Love Ritual". Her heart-centered work is dedicated to empowering men and women by guiding them to their powerful divine true nature–the source of infinite wisdom, deep trust in self and life, and sacred relationship with All. She facilitates this work in alliance with Spirit and Nature. Visit her website: www.SacredEarthConnection.com