Unleash The Warrior Within.

Tribal cultures around the world believe there is a spirit that exists in everyone to a greater or lessor degree. Some call it the warrior spirit, the authority, the power, the energy that surrounds and envelopes us in times when we are called upon to protect that which we love. It is the energy that dictates whether we fight or flight. It is the Mana. The magic inside that comes bursting out to give us the strength to stand.

There has been so much talk lately of embracing the divine feminine that there is a danger that the masculine is overlooked or even forgotten, however it is there within all of us, providing a balance to the soft feminine. It is the raw energy that comes bursting out just at the right time. The righteous anger that gives us the ability to hold the enemy at bay and protect the village.

Hawaiian culture teaches us that mana is often gained through “pono” actions, balanced actions that in turn reflect the balance within our world. Mana is not about male dominance, abuse, ruling over others. It is about balancing the masculine and the feminine; and our responsibility towards maintaining that balance.

Similarly in the Maori culture, mana is tied to balance and honour. A commitment to the family, the land and the generations passed to protect that which is reflected in our character and in the gifts we have been given.

It is time that we allow the warrior to rise up within all of us. We need to remember how to be warrior people. Everybody stands for something. The question is what do you stand for? Get angry, get passionate, get protective. Allow the mana to rise within and without. Allow it to take over your thoughts and actions and help you become the balanced spirit that seeks to find purpose.

In the west, we suffer from the opposite to mana…its called entropy. Too many of us have become conditioned by the system, what we see and hear, that we have become apathetic. We have become so bombarded by the bad news and violent films that the issues no longer affect us. Our mana has been buried down so deep that we can’t even be bothered looking for it any more.

Where are the warrior people? The people who will get angry, the type of anger that motivates you to take up arms and fight for what is right and just. The anger that gives us the chance to become human again, fighting for one another, to protect that which we love.


In the words of conscious music artist Nahko Bear:

“I have two mothers, two beautiful mothers. One of them is brown and one of them is white. One of them taught me to be peaceful, one of them taught me how to fight. Now I put the two together and I know wrong from right”

The sacred balance of the masculine and the feminine is needed now more than ever. Find your warrior spirit. Embrace Your Mana.

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