Hi friends.

I come to you today with an invitation.

To rethink our use of language.

It is time to reclaim our language from the virus of cursing. And truly, it is a virus that has infected our collective psyche, quite thoroughly.

If we allow ourselves to quiet our minds, and to locate ourselves in the heart, we can sense the foreign nature of the curse word. It is not something that originates from our higher mind. When we hear a child swear for the first time, we feel a shiver, a shame. Sometimes we stifle this feeling with a laugh, but truly we are horrified. We have just had a first-hand experience of witnessing the tarnishing of innocence.

The innocence of our hearts is glorious, and should be cultivated. It is the flower bed from which all creativity, love and intelligence spring forth. We live in a culture that asks us to become hardened, cynical and bored. When we commit to the path of the heart, the path of innocence, we place ourselves in opposition to this global trend, and we begin to shape our lives and our behaviors around a profound sense that love is truth, and all else is a lie.

Instead of thinking in strictly moral terms about issues such as language, I suggest we begin to consider our actions in terms of “convenient” or “inconvenient”. These are terms I first heard used within the Pneuma System; a new Transpersonal perspective based on the comparative study of the ancient spiritual traditions of the planet. From the perspective of Pneuma, the essence of each individual is always in movement towards a “goal” – be it self-realization, or the ego. Unfortunately, in these times, movement towards the ego is what is natural, whilst movement towards God involves conscious effort and the willingness to struggle against oneself. Our thoughts, words and actions can be the fuel propelling us towards our potential, or the tools we use to further mire ourselves in a psychological prison. Each action we take, each thought we have, each word we use, can be judged in terms of its effectiveness in assisting us in movement, in relation to our goals. Our choices either take us towards our goals, or away from them.

So what is the goal? Harmony, beauty, peace, artistry, intelligence, service, nourishment, expansion. This being the case, we need to use tools, or words, that are “convenient” for the emergence of these qualities. Refined words of poetry and power, not violent words of degradation and debasement.

Let’s commit at this holiday season to conquer our degraded use of language once and for all. To cure ourselves of this virus of cursing. To use language to express the poetry of possibility, rather than to celebrate the divisive constructs of the ego.

Today, we are choosing a side.

Today, we are moving one step closer to Truth. And one step away from the Lie.

“Along with his work in music and production, Ben Lee is also actively working on the Qollari Essentials Project – an ethical business venture with essential oils designed to “plant a garden of philanthropists”. For more info on this project visit www.qollariben.instapage.com

Image used is “Throat Chakra” by Qahira Lynn visionary spiritual artist and mystic muralist of the dreamtime.

Ben Lee, is a singer, actor, producer and writer, passionate about the awakening of consciousness. Apart from his music and his latest album, Love is the Great Rebellion, Ben Lee is also actively working on the Qollari Essentials Project - an ethical business venture with essential oils designed to “plant a garden of philanthropists”. For more info on this project visit www.qollariben.instapage.com "