This week Clara Apollo chats with Skip Archimedes.

Skip was a competitive gymnast who overcame serious injuries, illnesses, a family break-up, obesity and depression to become a Gymnastic Champion. Then during training he experienced a living nightmare and broke his back!

Doctors and Specialists said he would never walk again.

Unwilling to accept this prognosis and inspired by Bruce Lee, he used the power of his mind and self-belief to find a cure. Within just 6 months he started to learn how to walk again.

Within 18 months he had returned to become English Sports Acrobatics Champion.

He went on a worldwide journey to meet and work with international experts to discover the truth about why some people get stuck in thoughts and programs that don’t serve them, while others have the inner strength to move forwards and live an empowered life of fulfilment, financial abundance, success, personal achievement, health and vitality.

Armed with these often forgotten secrets he is now a transformational coach and internationally acclaimed speaker and author, dedicating his life to helping people overcome the physical, financial, personal, nutritional, emotional and spiritual problems in their lives to become the best they can be.

Skip talks choices, powerful effects of mind focussing techniques, the power of vulnerability and asking for help when a stunt resulted in another injury, he’s had a few as a champion gymnast several times over.

Skip reveals the one word that sums up all of earths wisdom – in English, thankfully, begins with an A and ends with E, not awesome, although that is.

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Camden May 6/7

Also on the show, Clara features an excerpt from The Barefoot Doctor’s D.A.R.E. DIGITAL AUDIO REBOOT EXPERIENCE. From THE FULL JOURNEY MIX