Nicola Grace teaches us how to awaken to super powers beyond our senses.

Have you ever thought that once upon a time in another life or dimension, you had super powers?

Perhaps you remember you could fly, or hear through walls, walk on water? Perhaps you even are awakening into some of those powers like telepathic communication, psychic visions, empathic transference, or medical intuition.

While there is much talk about the Shift of Consciousness and Awakening happening across the planet, little is being said about the Awakened Mastery movement that has thousands of people waking up to their Star Seed Family and the Super Powers they have been trained in while in that family. There are even some people awakening to the fact that they’re being trained on another dimension while they sleep at night here on earth.

But what is all this training and awakening to our super extra sensory powers for?

I’ve always known there would come a time when I would Awaken the Mastery in others and train them in Super Powers the way I did in another time space dimension, for the purpose of leading humanity to the promised land we’re now calling The New Earth. That time has come for me.

After receiving a major light insersion, the New Earth codes of my soul’s purpose were activated in me on a healing table with my healer a few months back, and I got it that it is time. But it’s not only my time. It’s your time too.


There’s a calling going out to all of us Star Seed Lightworkers, Higher Priests and Priestesses, to step up now and release our sacred medicine upon the earth. It’s time to release the New Earth codes that previously have laid dormant. Because now is the time to bring them forward to massively awaken humanity.

It’s time to STEP UP. But too often we Changemakers get bogged down in feelings of disempowerment in the face of the oppressive control mechanism and enslavement system that seems to be outside of ourself, demanding so much from us, to the point of exhaustion.

We know we are spiritual beings, but we still get caught identifying ourselves as bodies at the effect of chemtrails, GMO’s, chemicals, fluoride, Haarp waves and the like. All the while ignoring the living Creator Being that we know dwells within us, and IS us.

Being plugged in to your reactive mind and the reactive mind of the world – the bigger, more powerful, more creative being you know you are, and all the extra-sensory abilities that go with that, remain out of reach.

You and I are not going to be able to fully Awaken the Master within us, while we still identify ourselves as a body or gender, and therefore confined to what we think our body can and cannot do.

When you make that shift in identity and begin instead to identify yourself as a “Being” before you are a human being, and a “Being” of no gender before you are a man or woman, then you will naturally begin to awaken to the memories of your initiation into the higher realms of creative abilities for the purpose of instantaneous self healing and healing of others; the building of new societies that uplift not confine; the restoration of the true power of the male and female union and it’s scared power to transform the world.

You will become among the many awakened masters leading humanity to the bright new earth of prosperity for all. You will experience love, creation and innovation, the likes of which the world is yet to see.

What stands in the way of you recognising you are not your body, or being body identifed, rather than “Being” identified, is programming and your continued thoughts around how the body is effected by all the ills of the world.

This is purposeful programming that lies in the human historical records for the purpose of creating an awakening. The battle of the dualistic “good and evil”,  is programmed to become so tight that you finally stand up and realise you are not your body. Since everything first starts in consciousness, anything that is coming from outside of you is only from consciousness, and you have the power within you to send it back to point zero of consciousness, so it exists no longer.

Recognizing yourself as the creator of that which is effecting you, you are at power to make the change. While you still see it as something outside of you because you have defined your body ending at the skin or the aura, rather than yourself and your body as the entire cosmos of planets, stars, universes and beings, you will live in duality of separation and not be able to access your entire creative power.

So the job at hand is for you to:

1 – Unplug from the residual blocks to safely living in your true “Big Being”, for you won’t fully come out as the Star Seed Lightworker you are while you still fear persecution for being a societal changemaker;

2 – Connect to the Creative Power of your beautiful masterful Being, because remembering who you are and what you’re capable of shifts you into your “Being” identification; and

3 – Awaken your innate Super Powers as a force for good in the world. Then lead the rest of humanity wanting to come with you, through it’s grand awakening into the New Earth.

The action of mind that awaits for someone outside of you or something else to come and change the world for you, is the action of affirming for all time that you are a separate human being in a good and evil system where the evil seeks to destroy you. This simply is not true.

You have created the duality by thinking you’re separate to everything you see. The simple solution is to awaken into your mastery, so you can bring the duality home and complete the story of good versus evil, free versus enslaved. From here you will go on to create magnificence without duality.

It all starts with breaking free of the Ancestral Programming, Karmic Collective & Unplugging from the residual blocks to living in your true “Big Being” Self. When that is complete the activation of the The New Earth Codes lying dormant within you can connect you more powerfully to your Creative Power while fully awakening you to your role as New Earth Facilitator, which is the next role of any lightworker, start seed, changemaker, spiritual seeker.

So in answer to the question what is all this training and awakening to our super extra sensory powers for? It’s for you to play your part in the establishment of The New Earth so you can come to remember yourself as a creator, on with Your Creator.

Whether you become a better systems buster, new systems creator, an instantaneous healer, or Quantum Activist, you are Awakening into your own Mastery that is already within you; it is the priority for the survival of the species living on Planet Earth, as she ascends into her next level of Awakening – The New Earth.

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Nicola is a public speaker, intuitive visionary, transformation facilitator and social entrepreneur. She was also a Teacher for A Course In Miracles International for 7 years. Nicola is most famous for having saved a billion dollar industry from ruin, achieving in just 6 months what that industry failed to do in 7 years. It is not widely known that the secret sauce to her success was that she used Metaphysical, Shamanic and Quantum Activist principles to lead the industry to victory.