I love ceremony! Ritual and offerings of gratitude for the grace and guidance in our lives, totally enhances our Divine direction and strengthens our connection to the abundance of the universe…

Your heart for ceremony and ritual is embedded deeply in your DNA (Divine Nurturing Awareness). Your soul thrives on sanctuary, stillness and sacred expressions of love.

Your devotion to your divinity is what escalates inspiring, positive and empowering frequencies that will fuel your heart’s desires and dreams for expansion and greater good.

This golden good is experienced through feeling deeply connected to all things. By creating personal altars, you are altar(ing) your awareness that you are never alone; you walk upon this precious planet guided, guarded and protected as pure energy, with the power to choose your thoughts and how you want to feel, as you flow forward with a strong sense of purpose for your path.

Create a powerful intention today to contribute to beauty on the planet…use crystals, flowers, candles or fragrant oils and incense to “light up love” for your-self and for Earth Mother. Daily ritual equals daily radiance.

Altar day 1+


Recently, as a true sensitive and empathic person, I found myself quite disturbed by global events that seemed so sad and pointless and disempowering for all. As I meditated on this, I realised that I had a magnificent mind(as we all do) with the capacity to get creative in ways that would contribute to raising consciousness – so I chose to create an ‘Altar a Day For 33 Days’ with the following intention:

“It is my intention to share this light, love and healing energy to all Soul Travellers who feel aligned to receive it for their own empowering pathway of healing, harmony and happiness.

Each day I will align an altar with a specific frequency and share the image and a channelled message, for enhancing your capacity to co-create feelings of abundant well-being, prosperity, purpose and devotion.

My personal intention through this ceremony, as a loving guide of the light illumination process and server of the Divine plan; is to hold a sacred space for all Beings to step outside the old paradigm of limitation and step up to the new paradigm of infinite potential, PEACE and true soul shine…LOVE will lead the way.

Please feel welcome to use the images and to shine and share this love with others who you feel may benefit from following this ALTAR(ing) experience…so much gratitude for all of you…blessings.

All 33 Days of Altars can be found at Tanya Allison’s Facebook Page (Click Here)