Many of you are aware that this year is a universal 2/11 year; in numerology 2 is all about your soul purpose and 11 speaks of self-mastery. There are big, beautiful, empowering energies supporting your spiritual Shift to Soul Mastery.

The word Mastery feels powerful, strong and confident, it may even feel a little intimidating. Mastery is defined as a great knowledge or skill in a particular activity or subject…so this year is about you exploring and expanding in greater depth a subject that you are truly going to love to study…YOU!

Soul Mastery is simply a willingness to understand; a willingness to know and grow all the beautiful aspects of who you really are! Your steps towards Soul Mastery can be as big or as small as you choose, the essence of it is consistency and a decision to expand your awareness by nurturing and loving yourself in the process.

When you create an intention to align with the feeling of Self-Mastery, you get excited about your potential and the infinite possibilities for your soul path! This is a Soul Shift!

I have outlined below 5 symptoms that will persist if you resist trusting in your ability to ‘manifest your magnificence’ and feel connected, protected, guided and directed towards Abundant Outcomes for your life;

  1. General Fatigue – Unexplained tiredness and lack of energy is a common symptom of denying your Soul Path. It takes a lot of life force to constantly ignore your inner knowing and ‘chew’ over something in your head. For example: You have had a strong urge to join a dance class or attend a meditation circle but you find a barrage of excuses and reasons why you should not sign up. This is resistance. Yet the moment you action the wisdom of your heart and make the call to enrol, something wonderful happens…you feel enthusiastic, excited and your energy levels rise.

“If the past calls don’t answer, it has nothing new to say…”

  1. Doubt – Doubt and second-guessing yourself can take you on a really long trip into the territory of ‘others’ opinions. This creates a minefield of resistance.  All the tools that you will ever need to build your bliss are within you; the most beautiful thing you can create for the canvas of your soul path, is the art of being yourself.

                              “Auditions are being held for you to be yourself. Apply within”

  1. FearFalse Expectations Appearing Real  …Your mind is a machine that operates in the positive or the negative, depending on how you fuel it. What you put into the space will set the pace for your Soul Path. You choose the diet of your direction; feed your fear or feed your faith. Resistance will choose to comfort eat and box you in to a life of limitation and separation, but love will choose freedom, knowing that the only constant in life is change. BE bold and BE brave trust in your warrior spirit and your point of power in each and every moment of Now.

“Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will…”

  1. Rejection – Your feelings of rejection that appear to be real in your external world, will to a greater or lesser degree, directly reflect the rejection and resistance that you have to loving yourself on the inside. When you ‘withhold love’ for all that you are and all that you are becoming, your energy will appear very needy…and how do you feel when you ‘pick-up’ on an energy of neediness in another? Like running the other way!

“Close your eyes. Fall in Love. Stay there…Rumi”

  1. Too Busy – You live in a world that seeks to keep your nervous system stimulated 24/7! Technology, substance abuse, the media and quite frankly the whole “let’s keep so busy that we don’t have a chance to breathe” world outlook, is where your resistance will rattle the most. Step off the grid and step into the sanctuary of nature. Stillness invokes feelings of gratitude and grace; time spent with the abundant gifts of our Earth Mother supports trust in the beauty of your connection to all living things and to your divine essence, which is Love.

    “The beauty of your highest wisdom is reflected in how often LOVE influences your decisions…”

Now that you have digested the ‘symptoms’ of resistance, feel into which one of them spoke to you the most and allow the possibility that no matter where you are on your Soul Path, you possess infinite potential!

When you identify your areas of most resistance, I ask that you stay light around them; allow yourself to receive the ‘symptoms’ as positive signs from your ‘inner tutor’ (your intuition) and praise yourself in the process! You are more ready than you believe yourself to be, in choosing to experience a transformation or shift on your Soul Path.

Gift yourself permission today to learn and master more of your beautiful, authentic self. Meditation is a wonderful way to support self-mastery; you will feel more powerful, confident, positive, connected, intuitive and brave when you are moving from a place of inner peace, deeply aware of the wisdom within you.

Abundant blessings of light and illumination for your unique and special Soul Path…Tanya xxx

Artist:  Duy Huynh





Tanya loves to create sanctuary, stillness and sacred space for your soul's illumination process through guided meditation groups, soul readings, flower reading events and teachings of the spiritual anatomy. Tanya is deeply devoted to you experiencing the grace and guidance of Divine Mother love, feeling the wisdom within you and walking your wonderul upon this are the One you have been waiting to awaken. Tanya writes regularly for Soul Traveller, inspiring you to feel connected, creative and empowered on your path.