Jaguar brings a timely and special medicine : one of which all souls are invited to partake.

Courage !

Courage is her currency and courage is her middle name :
By her very nature she incites it.

She inspires and invites it : Courage to persist and the Courage to prevail . .

Persist within times of darkness : persist no matter, persist ! (come what may)
and courage shall soon become you, an empowerment to use as you please . .

. . a medicine gift from Jaguar !!
( and if she really likes you: )

You’ll thrive like a Boss – especially where and when such times are said to prevail.

Prevail as they may!
We don’t control our results in this life ( yet with courage ) ,
we may just learn to control our response to challenging circumstance ( and therefore ) ,

. . influence end results just the same. Ain’t life funny that way ?

Meanwhile: We all stalk hope within the urban jungles where we roam. Its our birthright but only if we can find it – somewhere, somehow, someway.

Jaguar brings such hope to the careworn and loveweary in the form of mental muscle, existential agility and powerful clarity.

Jaguar empowers her allies to “influence the influences” – and therefore change the very nature of the game.

That one game all souls are called upon to play. Clue : its a four letter word _ _ _ _ !

She is courage before courage and hope beyond hope : especially for those whom courage has abandoned ( and even hope herself may appear to have lost upon the way. )

Sure : its all an illusion – but the mind itself makes our pains appear to be so very real . .

No one can feel what you feel.
No one can know what you know.
Nobody can walk a mile in your shoes.

Try as they may. But Jaguar – now Jaguar ..
she gets it and she knows !

Therefore she shines – like an invisible fire within the worried and careworn mind,
burning up the darkness,

and making medicine out of the ash.

Should you choose to call in Jaguar in when it matters the most :

should you choose to call her like it matters..
should you choose to say her name
say it like you mean it..

she will come and . .

she will also walk that mile. (right there beside you. )

Silently by your side, holding space for the human race :
Jaguar feasts with ease upon all obstacles. .

making a tasty meal out of the impossible.

She faithfully consumes all the heavy energy that is :

faithfully cast her way.

refusing nothing
refusing no-one (yet somehow) ,
remaining lean and hungry just the same.

She does her Work without fanfare and she does it without delay.

When all is said and done – only Love remains.
Jaguar !