“Who sits beneath my bark?” The loud bellow reverberating through my being. In shock, I scan the arboretum in which I was sitting. Where did that come from?…then it hits me, I look up. I was sitting at the base of a towering, old, gum tree. Again the deep resonance of the tree’s voice vibrates through my being “Who sits beneath my bark?”

I was in shock, the tree was talking to me. I had dealt with spirits ever since I could remember, but never had a tree spoken to me. Gingerly, I introduced myself, quite apologetic if I had offended it, by sitting at its base.

That was just the beginning. The tree and I became friendly with each other and soon I had befriended a cluster of fig trees not far from the original gum that spoke to me. That was 11 years ago and since then I have had many interesting conversations and interactions with trees and the plant kingdom, and made many friends.

Indeed, I am writing this as the trees in my local park asked me to. They want it to be known that they are as conscious as any being in human form. “It is time for the reconnection of humans to the green world, for indeed if humans are to feel whole again, if they are to survive, they must once again see themselves in the great interconnected wheel that makes up our world. It is time to stop taking and start giving and to understand that by giving back to the beautiful Mother Gaia, that those gifts shall be returned 3 fold”.

Those words were given to me by Hum, the spirit who inhabited one of my tree friends who was sadly chopped down recently.

Understand too, that when trees speak of reconnection and of giving back, it is not only on a physical level that will humans thrive, they will thrive in their spirits also. Cut off from the multidimensionality of the world in which we live, many humans feel something missing, which often drives them to take and consume more.

The time has come for a mutual respect with our natural world, with the plant and animal kingdoms and not only because it will benefit us, but because these are beings worthy of the same respect we afford to humans. We once lived in harmony, the call has come for that to be once more. Your body is of the earth, your blood water, the air you breathe sustains you and like fire, your heart and soul burn like a flame. It is time to honour the interconnectedness of life and humbly settle back into our place in the wheel of life.

In honour of our plant sisters and brothers, may their songs be heard in our beings and may we learn to sing with them.

Fox Robin

Artist Unknown

Fox Robin, or Kerry has had the gift of mediumship since she was a girl. Being able to see and feel spirits from a young age, lead her on a mission to find out more about life, death, the universe and why we are here. At age 14 after spending much of her time in Catholic School, she discovered Paganism. Paganism including Wicca and Shamanism opened her up to a new world of accepting the gifts she had and learning to safely explore the spirit realms, while also deepening her connection to nature and the Earth realms. Spending time in a paranormal investigation group also deepened her understanding of the spirit realms. Her deep connection to nature and affinity for paganism inspired her to join the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, of which she is currently an Ovate member. Her late 20s and early 30s saw a time of deep reflection, meditation and stripping back. It is her sincere wish to share her connection with spirit and to see individuals flourish, come to themselves and realise the I AM.