Dear ones, this is the birthing point. This is where the major shift which occurred in October last year comes to its fruition. October last year was an interesting turning point. For those who were ready to let go, it was a time of grand realisation. For those still clinging, it was a time of turmoil and upheaval.

I want to present to you all the concept that these cycles of upheaval and the subsequent turmoil you put yourselves through are a choice. I want to present the idea that if one is conscious and present, when one is in tune with themselves then they will clear the “garbage” so to speak as needed. There is no clinging.

This takes a great deal of trust and it is imperative that you surrender. What is the theme flowing through your life at present? Whenever there is an upheaval of sorts, in what areas of your life are they occurring? And the most important question of them all – do you resist the upheaval? You are the creators of your life and it is now time to take responsibility for that. Understand that when you experience upheaval or turmoil in your life, it is your higher self giving you that little nudge to move forward and to let go.

Often in order to keep moving and to build the life which you wish to lead, one must allow their foundations to crumble so that new foundations can be built. Often times when you are so caught up in your own thoughts about the “negative” experiences going on around you, or when you are so caught up in fear that you will not surrender, you fail to see that your supposed solid foundations on which you are clinging to are actually rotting.

This is what happened in October. For those who jumped from the building or abandoned ship, which ever metaphor you would like to use, it was the catalyst for great change and the building of new and solid foundations. For those who did not, the energy point on the planet at present is giving you a gateway to crawl out of the rubble of your old building now, so that you can start new. The question is, will you choose to crawl from that rubble and let go? Or will you keep clinging to what was?

Understand in the new energies coming to the planet at present, now more than ever energy is not fixed and at any given moment anything can change. In the old energy of the Piscean age, the energy was so dense it took a long time and much skill to elicit change on an energetic level. This is not the case any more and with this comes a grand freedom. Will you choose your freedom? Will you choose to let go and greet whatever comes with the shifting sands with open arms? Now is your gateway.

With Love,


Fox Robin, or Kerry has had the gift of mediumship since she was a girl. Being able to see and feel spirits from a young age, lead her on a mission to find out more about life, death, the universe and why we are here. At age 14 after spending much of her time in Catholic School, she discovered Paganism. Paganism including Wicca and Shamanism opened her up to a new world of accepting the gifts she had and learning to safely explore the spirit realms, while also deepening her connection to nature and the Earth realms. Spending time in a paranormal investigation group also deepened her understanding of the spirit realms. Her deep connection to nature and affinity for paganism inspired her to join the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, of which she is currently an Ovate member. Her late 20s and early 30s saw a time of deep reflection, meditation and stripping back. It is her sincere wish to share her connection with spirit and to see individuals flourish, come to themselves and realise the I AM.