Soraya’s story ‘Shining Through – From Grief to Gratitude’ is the most exquisite offering of healing, love and triumph of the heart that I have ever read! This beautiful book will embrace your soul with a syrup that supports courage and compassion through the reality of suicide, grief and unbelievable anguish.

I experienced every spectrum of emotion as a mother, daughter, partner, teacher and advocate for raising awareness and acceptance that we are all ‘enough’. I need to be completely authentic here and share that several times I had to put the book aside because I was crying so much; but crying with the awareness that I was cleansing my spirit and opening my heart to even greater depths of love, understanding and forgiveness…it actually felt like a great blessing.

Upon finishing the book I felt a strong sense of completion; Soraya’s wisdom as a teacher of yoga, mindfulness and natural medicines for over thirty years, enabled my radiant heart to feel very peaceful, yet empowered by the grace and gratitude found in surrender, sanctuary and the knowingness that we are never alone…we are One.

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“When the world pushes you to your knees, you’re in the perfect position to pray….” Rumi


Note: on this link there is also links to Amazon and kindle for those from overseas or they can purchase a signed copy from myself.
Here is an author video interview also.
And a video blog on why I wrote the book:



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